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sebastianlissarrague -> '94 Juan Montero Worth (Mar. 4 2014 19:58:02)


I'l looking at buying a '94 Juan Montero in palosanto. Asking price is 400 euros. Is this a steal or is in a somewhat inferior model. Condition is supposedly perfect.


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beno -> RE: '94 Juan Montero Worth (Mar. 9 2014 13:41:15)

cannot tell from that HD picture [:D]

Morante -> RE: '94 Juan Montero Worth (Mar. 9 2014 14:52:56)

If it is a real Montero it is a steal: Montero made great guitars: I remember playing a matched pair which he had made for a German who never collected them, one with machines, one with pegs. The machine head was great the peghead less so. Had it been the other way around, I would have bought the peghead. Still, I have often thought that I had made a mistake[:@]

sebastianlissarrague -> RE: '94 Juan Montero Worth (Mar. 10 2014 12:34:57)

Sorry about the mini picture. Thanks for the advice I bought the guitar. Why would you prefer the peghead? I will upload some better pictures later today.

Morante -> RE: '94 Juan Montero Worth (Mar. 10 2014 15:25:54)


Why would you prefer the peghead?

I always prefer pegheads. In this particular case, the guitar with machines sounded much better. Since both were expensive, I passed.

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