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dformell -> Luis Maravilla & Seemsa (Feb. 22 2014 18:21:46)

Hello Everybody,

I recently discovered a sheet music venue in Spain. The company is called Seemsa ( Sociadad Espanola de Ediciones Musicales S.A. }. Seemsa has the sheet music of Luis Maravilla. The copy of Judea that I purchased has a copyright date of 1964 by Ediciones Musicales Madrid and a copyright date of 1952 by L. Maravilla & F. Merenciano. The pages are a bit yellowed but very readable. It appears that the music is no longer in print and once Seemsa sells all of it's copies that will be it. Sheet music offered by Seemsa is cheap; a copy of Judea costs 3.85 euros but shipping to the U.S. costs another 12 euros bringing the total to a little over $21.00. Seemsa' service is prompt, I received my copy in less than 2 weeks from the date of order. I've made a digital copy of Judea and would love to share it with the guitar community but that would be at odds with Seemsa. What's even more frustrating - to me at least - is the fact that Seemsa offers digital editions but has yet to digitize the works of Mr. Maravilla. One idea is to upload a copy of Judea to scribd and then mention Seemsa and post a link to their webpage. What do you guys think? Your input would be greatly appreciated.



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