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Anders Eliasson -> RE: Internet sometimes so lacking basic info (Feb. 20 2014 18:26:40)


I have been holding back with a certain picture, considering good people´s sanity, but today feel like disposing the degree of barbarian mindset that many of us can hardly fathom.
Imagine hosts of people who can do things like this:


I could take you to our local shelter and you´ll get to know a lot of similar stories. There are brutal people everywhere. More in some places than in others. I will take some dog photos from sweet little Andalucia. It can be really ugly as well. Dogs are not being treated as you would like. I can imagine that in a muslim country it can be really bad and I would never even consider having a dog in a muslim country. Everything goes against it. We have many North African muslims here and 80% of them hate dogs or at least dont want them to come anywhere near them . Its so deep in their culture.

Ruphus -> RE: Internet sometimes so lacking basic info (Feb. 20 2014 20:30:47)

True, incredible what sick minds do in western civilisations already. Behind closed doors and sometimes even openly.
I had encounters in Germany with people throwing cats from balkonies or beating up their dogs.

And when there is so much of it where sadism and tormenting are frowned upon, what yet is taking place where such is being invited to and tolerated.

The aware fraction has to focus on animal torturing and to spread the facts about it, beginning with what´s to know about the miserable psyche that tortures and ending with how much animals actually sense the pain and how they do have a right of staying untouched and decently treated.

I feel that the humane part of humans is way too quiet and also all too tolerating in respect of devastating cultures.

Destructive and injust properties of cultures need to be fully adressed and outspoken.

They are still being treated like e.g. once domestic abuse.
Only gradually have we come to making a legal case of it. And much too gradually are we coming to handle cultural retardedness as such, while it keeps effecting the innocent day in day out still.

Too much of a horrible "luxury". Way too much to be bearable for civilized community.

I only hope that Prince Charles´ latest addressing of the Chinese government is being a start for an open dialogue towards a global paradigm change.
There ought to be a stop of damned cruelty, finally, 500 years after witches burnings.


Ruphus -> RE: Internet sometimes so lacking basic info (Feb. 20 2014 20:36:22)

Retarded have to be put to shame before world public.
That will help.


n85ae -> RE: Internet sometimes so lacking basic info (Feb. 20 2014 21:44:55)

What makes Western Civilizations unique? Human beings come in "good" and
"bad" versions, this is not exclusive to "Western" civilization.



True, incredible what sick minds do in western civilisations already. Behind closed doors and sometimes even openly.

guitarbuddha -> RE: Internet sometimes so lacking basic info (Feb. 20 2014 23:19:41)



Human beings come in "good" and "bad" versions

For sure Jeff, we all have good days and bad days.

But mostly grey.


Ruphus -> RE: Internet sometimes so lacking basic info (Feb. 21 2014 0:19:30)



What makes Western Civilizations unique?

Not "unique" and there are examples of further developed cultures than that. Yet, among the great civilisations the western is the only one that underwent a philosophical development which again yielded pillars of ethics.
Common ground on beautiful principles of mutuality like "What you don´t want to be done to you, don´t do to others".
Basics like that resulted in condemnation of misuse of the weak and exposed.
Which again if you like to point to infringements still, is an achievement however and not at last resulting in the reduction of atrocities that the west definitly has compared to wide examples in Asia and Africa.



Human beings come in "good" and "bad" versions, this is not exclusive to "Western" civilization.

Nice romantic outline that I grew up with as well. But not realistic at all.
Good and bad can be found everywhere, but that won´t help about the question of proportion. And how much of good and bad ( or whether bad is understood as such to begin with / and same with good) that depends on ideas defined by culture.
And cultural items can be anything from good to evil.

When culture tells you that evil doing was no issue or even good, then people doing bad will be convinced to be doing good.
That is how it is.

How average Joe is depends on culture and the latter is not at all on default providing for balance across the globe.
In fact culture makes for quite some practical differences.

Millions of people for instance believe that adrenalin was making meat tender. Which is why their butchers torment creatures to death before slaughter.
Some complete BS that someone stated sometime and which was passed on from one fool to the other until it became part of culture.

For you the guys who will accordingly skewer an animal and beat it for an unspeakable while might be good people, as they are only doing like their culture says, and maybe even nice chaps to play cards with or what.
But for the victim they remain demons straight from hell.

And if it be you who be cut off parts of its body, you who be locked away for not to be spotted by unauthorized eyes, be beaten for wanting to live life of a kid or of a partner of equal rights, or be killed for your love life, you who be suffering under useless orthodoxy ... then you bet, you´ll find differences caused by culture.

A thing much to determinant to allow for people as all the same.
They just are not; and it practically makes an essential difference which landscape you are looking at.


Saturday, 22nd
Adding without bumping:

I am very glad to say that in view of the poisioning for whatever reason the pack ( imunizing against the material used, or me better reacting with experience, or both), seems to be getting away much better this time. [:)][:)]
I have been able to get three of them back to appetite, who had ceased eating. Enhancing flavour by frying everything etc. appears to help quite some. They still show difficulty with chewing and swallowing, apparently even just drinking seems to hurt, but the strong smell of the food must be overwhelming.

Dubie lost a bit of weight, but I have seen no vomitting anymore. And there has been no diarrhoea so far, lest even bloody one with tissue.

The depressive / partially apathetic behaviour from days ago seems over as well. Even though a bit less active than normally, they are in good mood and fool around with each other.

Don´t know whether Charlie, who stays in the yard all the time, has began comprehending that it is poison attacks, but he is now overly vary and barking at every passerby who has ever been annoying. Even at those whom he´d be ignoring for negligible occurances.
Could also be he´s just trying to emphasize his perceived chief being without his brother in the yard, dunno. But it certainly is no good anyway.

I am making clear that I don´t want it. And he will calm back down I guess.

Monday 24th

Phew!!! This one has passed us by as harmless as it gets. Everyone is already back to normal with appetite and vivdness.
And even yours truly is well up today, with yesterday having had a good day ( apart from usual annoyances) which was finished even with a quiet night and a nice guitar session despite unfiled nails.

Local aquaintances are telling me to cheer up / there shall be found a good place for the dogs. They are just saying so, knowing how chances actually are, but it helps psychologically for now.


estebanana -> RE: Internet sometimes so lacking basic info (Feb. 28 2014 19:11:17)


This is my dog Lulu she's a Blue Heeler - yes I know she is wearing lipstick -

She's being featured in the Luthier section right now. She still lives in California with my sister who dressed her up for Halloween. They keep talking about really stupid shiit over there so I had to post a few things about what is really going on.

I have a full body picture of Lulu in a skirt if you would like to see it, if it gets past those nasty censors in your area. I'm not into any funny stuff, mind you, I just like the shape of a four legged sexy girl with a party hat.

Images are resized automatically to a maximum width of 800px

Ruphus -> RE: Internet sometimes so lacking basic info (Feb. 28 2014 20:39:09)

Hi Stephen,

Don´t have pics with corresponding angle and momentum at hand, but Lulu´s fascial expression sure ressembles Dubie´s type somewhat.

Dubie is the most intelligent in the pack. Hyper sensitive, and extremely dedicating, just as she can be such a bitch against other females.
She will even imitate her sister with sounds that I dislike so that me shall scold her.
Scientifically animals are not supposed to know anticipation / planings, but while this claim has been revisited already in some respect ... Looking at Dubie I somehow do doubt it.

Have started using the clicker. Just a tool, but it works like a charm.
The dogs got the Pavlov connex ad hoc right during first introduction, and the employment of that noise allows me to make me understood so much faster.

Even got Hermann to retrieve the ball into my hand, not just drop it before me.

These guys besides are getting wiser from day to day. How will it be yet when they are 5 or 10 years with you?
Already now so many things I don´t need to use voice for.
Like when I temporarily allocate them into different rooms to avoid males running into each other while leading in exchange to feeding or into the yard.
I just open individual doors and mention names and the doggies go in and out routingly as desired, etc.
Great conveying.

You must be missing her.
Luckily she appears to be in the right hands.
Maybe a bit crazy but with love I guess.


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estebanana -> RE: Internet sometimes so lacking basic info (Mar. 1 2014 0:42:29)

I would call that look, 'Do I get a treat for wearing this dumb hat' .

Oh yeah she's fine they have four Blue Heelers at the family house on a mountain just south of San Francisco.

Ruphus -> RE: Internet sometimes so lacking basic info (Mar. 1 2014 10:33:07)

A home on a mountain near SF with dear hosts.
Can you say diametrally opposed to the situation here. Dog´s heaven.
An image like of an island of commodities seen by shipwrecked man rolling on the open sea.

In view of the cough that is now occuring and some weird infection going on since a while with Dubies rear paws I was reading on diverse dog deseases yesterday.
And at some place it said like: "Sometimes breaking out in conjunction with severe stress like under tormenting as it still regularly occures to dogs in some countries". And I just thought like: "Still right, as if there was anything to change that soon."

Makes you really wonder when voluntary ignorance will finally be outlawed on this planet.
Ain´t it about time yet in times of quantum physics.
Or will we be beaming ourselves through the universe with yet at home still Middle Age devastating?
... With exterristical intelligence at best filing us as "paradox and unpredictable meta civilisation"?


Miguel de Maria -> RE: Internet sometimes so lacking basic info (Mar. 1 2014 15:00:41)

The idea that our enemies are evil is, I believe, a disturbing and easily debunked fallacy. Except for the odd psychopath (there, the term fits), it's more about rather simple resource competition and societal differences.

Green's views about modern tribalism seem spot on:

estebanana -> RE: Internet sometimes so lacking basic info (Mar. 2 2014 1:18:07)

In Buddhist thought there is no evil as such. It's something on the surface like goodness. The problem is that I prefer goodness to evil, but underneath Buddhists will see that things the differences between them just are like froth on the ocean.

Evil in the form of psychopaths is interesting however as now brain science is beginning to show that not everyone born without empathy is not evil, but lacking in emotional and real physical body parts and proper function. Certain chemicals or lack of, brain synapses and possible damage to the brain effect behavior and the possession of empathic personal skill. Which also dovetails with how Buddhism sees the difference between good and evil, but puts a humanist science face to the problem.

Brain scientists and psychologists have been working together for many years examining brain damage and behavior by treating, testing and examining military personnel with traumatic brian injuries. One of the results is that the DSM _ Diagnostics and Statistics Manual that psychologists use to diagnose pathologies is rapidly becoming obsolete. There is a possibility due to a debate in the mental health treatment community that the DSM will cease to be updated. The reason is that the perception of good and evil behavior has shifted from a pathology diagnosed by pure behavior to a pathology diagnosed by a multiplicity of factors of which environmentally conditioned behavior if only one factor. It's become evident that chemical situations in the body and brain function, trauma etc. are all factors that need to be worked into diagnosis and treatment.

It does not mean that localized cultures will not have confluent behavior based on "tribal thinking" that aggravates individuals ( Ruphus) or other cultures, but the perception of good vs. evil when describing psychopathic non empathic acts can be reexamined as not purely environmentally conditioned.

Ruphus -> RE: Internet sometimes so lacking basic info (Mar. 2 2014 10:31:26)

Pathological evil and cultural havoc are two different things ( eventhough the second will effect the first).

If looking at a traditional passing on of our earth as carried on the back of a turtle, would you consider it realistic just because of some ideal of equal rights to different cultures, or does there exist a common ground based on traceable facts which will sort out the turtle scene as plain baseless?

Whether tradition or not, the earth carrying turtle will remain nonesense on a level beyond eventual egalitarianism or segregation, right?
And when there be harmful penalizing on behalf of worshipping a baseless earth-carrying turtle then that will be clearly just one thing: Injust.
Not just some debatable other culture, but injust on a general scale. For a common fact.

This is not about some lowly mechanism of prejudice that could be needing some info on irrational rejection, Miguel. This is about actual distortion of the empirical world and actual mistreatment of people, fellow creatures and environment.
If there be objections to what I am just saying please explain them.

Maybe you can find a justification for destructive wordly yieldings on behalf of any some arbitrary construct / myth, but I doubt it.

Maybe there is some sense to intimitating followers with crude tale, to defaming of infidels as creatures from hell whose products are notwithstandingly simultaneously used in a traditional lack of character, which again is being justified as essential attitude for survival in a turtle dogma.
Maybe there is some sense in decimating wildlife for the superstitious idiocy of believing to taking over the animals strength by eating its parts ...
But as I said, you will not be able to present me such garbage as justified culture which was to be pendant to cognitive achievements of pragmatical modernity.

Subjective perception of evil, ... jeez.
We are talking two continents full of actual and routined berserk.
Must you be cut off limbs alive first for the other guy´s dish at the restaurant table vis-à-vis, before able to realize where PC has its place and where a spine to face actual evil / culture that needs to be changed?

We are talking plain misconceptions of atrocity bred out by illiterate mindsets of ancient jumbo mumbo.
And instead of indulging in misaimed political corretness at the expense of billions of mischiefed beings, let´s finally advocate the victims of what is just distortion in general terms of sobriety.

Having said that, one amazing news from yesterday:
It has been announced that here where there used to be issued 2 mio hunting licenses to unqualified shooters yearly, from now on the hunting of birds will be prohibited for the next 3 years, and shooting of any earth-bound species for 5 years to come.

This is quite some news! Allegedly and rather likely indeed the outcome from international pressure in respect of extincting wildlife in the country.

Unfortunately, corruption is so rampant that the decree alone will be relatively teethless. Still, the enactment is a beginning at least.

Now, if only it could become thinkable to revisit turtle statuts and reform at least the most blatant items of traditional absurdity.


estebanana -> RE: Internet sometimes so lacking basic info (Mar. 3 2014 0:00:31)

Lulu is in heat right now so she has to wear the anti-fun pantaloons. Apparently she keeps finding ways to take them off.

She has this beautiful black spot right over her butt where her tail begins.

Images are resized automatically to a maximum width of 800px

Ruphus -> RE: Internet sometimes so lacking basic info (Mar. 3 2014 8:01:06)

Guess she removes it by pulling dorsal and relaxing the rear legs in the same time.
I used to think of dogs as relatively stiff compared to cats, but actually they are quite flexible.

The spot looks funny indeed. As if there could be a plastic connector for inflating / deflating like with those creatures taken for swimming. [:D]

The females heat here seems to have been postboned a bit, due to the intoxication.
But it is on the way.
( The guys are sniffing out daily, and Dubie has started rolling herself on the back to lurk the males.)


Been mentioning the increasing number of stray packs around here. ( To the usual expelling by shepherds who don´t need their dogs after selling off cattle, there might add the kicking out of yard dogs by people who can´t anymore afford the exploding food prices - and be it just for dry bread.)

And when my guitar student came by today ( we had another reconciling session. The best one so far) he was a bit out of breath.
Turned out he together with others had just been shooing away a big dog who had attacked a girl ( the dog luckily only got her wrap ). You bet whose fault it was, but anyway.
Folks immediately called the communal. Hence killer squads will be roaming here abouts soon.

And I´ve been warned sometime ago that in such case people could try taking advantage and steer such forces towards me. ( To make fuss / call police etc.)

I don´t really expect them to come and annoy me, but them shooting around my house is already horrible enough. Had that crap twice or three times so far. They dazzle them with spot lights.
With every shot you wonder what poor chap it might have hit, and whether the animal was only badly blown, still limping, crawling away in pieces.

Blue planet loaded with ogre.

marpera -> RE: Internet sometimes so lacking basic info (Jun. 15 2021 14:20:58)

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