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wedge -> Stringing Up :) (Jan. 26 2014 23:32:41)

Stringing up the Ethan Deutsch with D'Addario's. I need to let them break in a bit because the first go around makes me miss LaBellas.

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beno -> RE: Stringing Up :) (Jan. 27 2014 19:36:03)

If that's their flamenco set, it won't get any better [:@]
I love D'addario strings but that set is horrible, it sounds so synthetic, and the feel..

Ruphus -> RE: Stringing Up :) (Jan. 27 2014 22:54:04)

That´s an atmospheric picture.
Sunny like a Sunday brunch.
´saddling a new baby there I guess? Congratulations!

Write a review! :O)


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PeterLC -> RE: Stringing Up :) (Jan. 28 2014 17:00:39)

Very nice pic, but I agree - the 25B-set is not D'Addario's best. Tensions too low for me, and those black trebles really sound like plastic. They are, of course, but still. Had to try them out, but it's one of the brand's few clunkers I'm afraid.

Hope you'll like them at least a little bit, shame about the effort and money otherwise!

I'm now with a set of hard-tension Dynacore Titaniums on the Saez - too bright for the classicals, especially those trebles; but here, they shine.

Anders Eliasson -> RE: Stringing Up :) (Jan. 29 2014 7:17:34)

I was told the J25 set from Daddario is just medium tension basses from their composite set and high tension pro arte trebles painted black.......
Like all nylon trebles, they need to strech out and some prefer the sound of them when you´ve worn out a couple of bass sets.

Lots of string mumbo jumbo around.

wedge -> RE: Stringing Up :) (Jan. 30 2014 12:16:13)

Yep - not a fan of those strings.

Review: full sound, a joy to play, light weight. I like that it sounds great for the Brazilian stuff as well. The setup doesn't need to be touched. I'm a cedar top lover at heart, but joix, Scoob, this sounds nice. I think it's a little too good for me at the moment from a flamenco skill level, but it's right in my zone for South American and Spanish classical stuff. So far the LaBella negra mediums sound the best on it.

Ruphus -> RE: Stringing Up :) (Jan. 30 2014 13:52:43)



... he said that's a common thing he sees with classical-style guitars, even when taking into account humidity and settling in changes.

Huh? >confused<
If none of those factors ... What remains would be insufficient flattening by the shop.
- Which I would not expect from an obviously deciated craftsman like Ethan.

Usually protruding fret wires do come from humidity effects.
What´s your average value of RH there?

Thanks for the review!


wedge -> RE: Stringing Up :) (Feb. 11 2014 0:02:18)

Most likely, so I removed that part of my review as I can't recall what it was like in summer. Thanks for the correction [:)]

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