Electric Sander recommendations (Full Version)

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yourwhathurts69 -> Electric Sander recommendations (Sep. 10 2013 15:37:28)

Hey folks,

I need to buy a new electric sander for some home projects and would like to also use it for guitar building. Anyone have a good recommendation?


jshelton5040 -> RE: Electric Sander recommendations (Sep. 10 2013 18:12:27)

What kind of sander? orbital, palm, belt? electric or pneumatic?

I have an electric Porter Cable orbital sander that has worked flawlessly for probably 30 years. I wouldn't hesitate to buy Makita, Bosch or Delta (belt or orbital). I've owned several palm sanders and didn't like any of them.

Wayne Brown -> RE: Electric Sander recommendations (Sep. 10 2013 23:45:30)

I too have a Porter Cable random orbital sander that works great for me!

constructordeguitarras -> RE: Electric Sander recommendations (Sep. 11 2013 16:40:37)

If you're talking about a stationary machine to use for thicknessing backs and sides and soundboards, I think the best thing available for the least cost is thePerformax/Jet 16-32 drum sander for about $1100. There is an aftermarket conveyor belt that works much better than the sandpaper conveyor belt that comes with it.

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yourwhathurts69 -> RE: Electric Sander recommendations (Sep. 14 2013 5:16:48)

Thanks for the help everyone. It's greatly appreciated.

johnguitar -> RE: Electric Sander recommendations (Sep. 25 2013 17:13:53)

Ethan, where can one get that belt. I have the 22-44.

jlneng -> RE: Electric Sander recommendations (Sep. 26 2013 22:07:12)

Hi Matt,
I recommend a 5" Bosch random orbit disc sander. I have used mine both for guitar work, and refinishing my kitchen floor. Many cheaper sanders would be junk by now. For those with an air compressor, snap on makes a great 3" random orbit disc sander, also equipped with hook and loop.

constructordeguitarras -> RE: Electric Sander recommendations (Sep. 28 2013 4:47:08)

I ordered it through Amazon.com from Hamilton Tool and Supply (who say it's from Accura) for my 16/32. I'm not sure they make it for yours but see if they do.

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