A little "Stairway to heaven" (Full Version)

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jg7238 -> A little "Stairway to heaven" (Sep. 7 2013 1:06:03)

Just wanted to post this classic tune... The solo is missing of course but here it is...

Gummy -> RE: A little "Stairway to heaven" (Sep. 7 2013 5:54:57)

Brave man! Nice arrangement and nicely in tune [;)]

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guitarbuddha -> RE: A little "Stairway to heaven" (Sep. 7 2013 11:11:12)

Nice arrangement.[:)]

Pgh_flamenco -> RE: A little "Stairway to heaven" (Sep. 7 2013 13:35:37)

I liked your arrangement, too. Was the TV on in the background?

rombsix -> RE: A little "Stairway to heaven" (Sep. 7 2013 14:53:25)

Great work, Juan. Look here... This guy is fantastic.

jg7238 -> RE: A little "Stairway to heaven" (Sep. 7 2013 16:33:46)

Thanks Gummy.. [:)] Thank you Dave.It's actually an arrangement by someone else. I will take some stuff from this and probably add my own little thing to it. I should have waited til I was done with my version... @Pgh-flamenco.. Yep, the TV was on... [:D] Hey Ramzi, thanks for sharing the video. Great playing and an excellent version of the piece.

Elie -> RE: A little "Stairway to heaven" (Sep. 9 2013 19:55:41)

aha relaxing [:D]

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