2012 Hermanos Camps Primera A $1,950 (Full Version)

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wedge -> 2012 Hermanos Camps Primera A $1,950 (Jul. 13 2013 15:48:50)

Make: Hermanos Camps Primera A blanca (vs. Primera)
Year: 2012
Condition: Slightly Used
Price: $1,950 USD + free ground shipping

I bought this new Feb 2013 from GSI with the intent of keeping it for a couple years; however, I was tempted by an Ethan Deutsch recently and bought it. The following were done by a professional luthier who took care of the guitars for the Interlochen Arts Academy students: I upgraded the tuners to Gotoh Hausers and added a 7th fret dot. When I received it there was a dimple in the fretboard (near the 1st fret, treble side) that the luthier filled. I added the 7th fret dot because I played South American music on it, too; due to the thickness of the lacquer there is a little halo around the dot. The golpeador has scratch marks in it.

Shipping in Continental US only.

Includes: Luca string plates, used TKL case, original Dixon tuners in case.

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Kevivn -> RE: 2012 Hermanos Camps Primera A $1,950 (Nov. 4 2018 14:38:38)

I just picked up a Hermanos Camps Primera A Blanca and also own an Ethan D. Blanca. During the time you owned the camps guitar did you experiment with strings and find that one set of strings worked better than others? I know Ethan recommends luthier 20s on his guitar’s.

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