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Doitsujin -> granaina cortes (May 16 2013 14:29:49)

change .jpeg to .pfd open with adobe viewer. sorry for bad quality.

granaina don cortes maya old version from eclipse de la luna of rafael cortes.

kenjo138 -> RE: granaina cortes (May 18 2013 6:33:30)

Thanks Doitsujin,

I really appreciate it.

Artistoffear -> RE: granaina cortes (May 24 2013 16:44:40)

Thanks A lot!! even though it was a little hard to read nobody else has transcribed this

bahen -> RE: granaina cortes (Feb. 16 2014 23:25:55)

Many thanks for this, Doitsujin. I am still benefitting immensely from your previous tabs as well, especially those put into GP4. Very grateful, thanks again. Let us know if you put this into Guitar Pro as well.

12850bd -> RE: granaina cortes (Feb. 17 2014 3:56:51)

I am having trouble opening the file,,,even trying to convert to pdf it gives a message sayinf the file contains errors.[:(]

lulallay -> RE: granaina cortes (Feb. 18 2014 18:24:51)

You must open in IE first -not in Firefox .....btw .....Thanks..thanks ..thanks ..respect for tabs !!!!

12850bd -> RE: granaina cortes (Feb. 18 2014 21:23:16)

thx I always use firefox....didn't realise there was a difference [:)]

lulallay -> RE: granaina cortes (Feb. 21 2014 10:44:18)

Thank you Doitsujin .Already I play advice ; combination between Tabs and Cortes playing on you tube with max focus (hearing&looking ) and try to maximum copy Cortes perfomance (however some parts he play very fast )

NewPlayer -> RE: granaina cortes (Mar. 21 2015 22:04:44)

I cannot open the file. Does anyone have it?

much appreciated!

revendel -> RE: granaina cortes (Mar. 28 2015 16:00:47)

I can't seem to open this, could you re-upload this? I have been desperately looking for these tabs!

edguerin -> RE: granaina cortes (Mar. 29 2015 8:36:26)

Click on "Attachment (1)". In the window that then opens right-click on "Zx72407.jpg" and download to your PC. Rename Zx72407.jpg to Granaina.pdf (or whatever). Voilá.

Or just click here:

revendel -> RE: granaina cortes (Apr. 1 2015 11:01:04)

Couldnt you have scanned this??? Zoom in too much and I cant read anything

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