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ric -> strings n nails (May 11 2013 14:51:17)

Nails: first of all, a comment since I had been searching for an alternative to using pre-made nails, since the ones I used either break or pop off. Someone (here?) had posted that he uses Loctite super glue "gel control" with two layers of silk wrap (I'm using the fiberglass wrap). So far this is the best and closest to real nails I have used. The gel super glue goes on very thick and has an interesting squeeze from the sides bottle that allows only the amount you squeeze to come out. The draw back of using this glue is having the patience of waiting for it to dry. I ended up using a spray on nail glue dryer and in the past the dryer had made the other glue I used somewhat brittle, but so far that does not seem to be the case. So, locktite is a winner!

Strings: I know this is highly personal, but I have a Montalvo flamenco guitar that can sound a bit thin. Finding the right strings has been a challenge, but to date I have not found any better combination than the Hannabach carbon trebles coupled with the Hannabach custom bass set (I prefer high tension). Some people claim good strings make their $500 guitar sound like a $3000 guitar, but I prefer to think that the right strings for your guitar make it sound it's best regardless of price. These strings are a bit pricey, but for me they sound great, last a long time, and sound better than other strings I have used, and I've tried most brands (with an exception of the la bella's, not sure why).

Comments please[:)]

clevblue -> RE: strings n nails (May 11 2013 15:00:17)

I have a young lady that does my daughter's nails, and she has started doing gel nails for me. They seem to be wearing well, they are slightly flexible, which is good I think, and she just fills in the bottom as they grow with your own nails.

Blair Russell has started to put LaBellas on his new builds. I have a Chinese Blanca with LaBellas, sounds good to me (not much of a recommendation really) but my Blair Russell Negra has D'Addario and sounds beautiful even in my hands

theblackcat -> RE: strings n nails (May 11 2013 17:45:53)

Nails: standard polish, two coats on top + one under the nail, dried well

Strings: Hannabach Buleria

Ricardo -> RE: strings n nails (May 11 2013 22:54:01)

1. brush on nail glue or Krazy glue (cyanoacrylate)

2. Labella 820, or luthier 20

ToddK -> RE: strings n nails (May 12 2013 6:50:35)

1.No glue.

2.D'addario J46


lukeofgod -> RE: strings n nails (May 12 2013 8:01:59)

I'm all natural now but I used to use...

Zapagap (highly recommended-)

D'addario J45's

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