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guitarbuddha -> Borderline Personality (May 9 2013 15:46:21)

Has anyone noticed that some people get more upset when you are neutral and are positively smug and relaxed when you get annoyed.

Daytime TV and political chat shows might suggest that this is a sign of sterling personal qualities.

I have to disagree though, someone who gets more and more calm as an argument escalates actually has the above.

Please let us share a moment of quiet pity for them


PS does this just seem like and excuse for my own hotheadedness. ?

estebanana -> RE: Borderline Personality (May 11 2013 9:34:48)

Actual borderline personalities are not that common, not that I'm qualified to diagnose them. But I did have a shrink as roommate for five years and she work in a mental hospital lock down facility part of the time we roomed. I also dated a psychologist.

Which makes me a bit crazy.

One thing I understand about borderlines, from my talks with my ex and my old roomie is that the narcissist borderlines don't have a sense of humor about themselves. So you ever get the creepy feeling from some one who gets offended about a joke at them maybe borderline. But it really has to be a consistent thing. The DSM explains it in detail, not that I'm an expert.

Bones can - you - save this - mans life?
Damn it Jim, I'm luthier not a surgeon!

guitarbuddha -> RE: Borderline Personality (May 11 2013 10:10:42)

Hi Stephen, I worked as a music therapist in an acute mental health ward in Glasgow's east end.

I felt strangely at home.

I have to say I really enjoyed the people and we had some good times. One day a woman who was mostly catatonic suddenly started telling us her life story. I stopped the little blues shuffle I was playing .... and she stopped too. So I gently picked it up and off she went, for ages. And it was blinding man. Me and the whole group really really loved it.

There was no singing just her stream of consciousness and words tumbling out and out of control and melding themselves magically to the form.

I had a quite a few humbling moments like that. In fact perhaps the most valuable thing, to me personally, about that experience was the realisation that pretty much everyone is as musical as they will let themselves be. And me no more so than them.

It is a shame that, for some of them, music was something that they only explore heavily medicated and in true distress. But it was a privilege for me to be amongst them in those times.

Thanks Stephen for reminding me of it, I haven't done that kind of thing for a while.

PS I understand that there is a movement to define narcissism such that it explains, to people (who consider themselves victims and might buy a book or course of therapy) all that was wrong in their relationships. As a postulate it also expunges the alleged victim of any responsibility, since none of it was their fault, it was THE NARCISSIST's. And they are out there like a secret league of Darth Vaders and they got to be common as everyone knows five or six..... as the do people with 'friend diagnosed' Aspergers.

I prefer the older definitions of narcissism . It is just a character flaw common to performers. General attention seeking and risibility. Assumption that people who don't share their views on their art are philistines. I'll take that one on the chin for sure.

Anyway let me get back to looking at this river. I'll see if I can get these two fish to start fighting, before they gang up on me.



akatune -> RE: Borderline Personality (May 11 2013 21:43:55)

One in twenty people are psychopaths. They are really not all that uncommon.

Ruphus -> RE: Borderline Personality (May 12 2013 9:52:47)

How should they not.

In an economical system that is based on exploitation instead of cooperation, and where beyond economcial benefit people are being kept engaged 8 hours and more per day so that they shall not come to realize what the status is, as well as keep providing detouched / enslaved offspring.

When you compare the family structure, association, emotional intensity / skills, attention and time spent with family for children in indigene / natural cultures, it shall not wonder in the slightest that people in our denaturalized oligarchy civilisation are psychologically irritated.

In the average urban situation the children do not even have the option to develop empathic skills to begin with. Beside of other factors lacking they do not have the social diversity needed to develop associative skills. There is no big family anymore consisting of several generations, and little or no animals ( as the best empathy trainers there are). Neither will they find the feedback and real time support to develop self-confidence.

If you wouldn´t be off in an basically autistic environment you would be no human being.

The way it is the vegetating majority presents at least human bio mass.
Some day they mightt even be promoted soilent green.

Beware of the carefree citizen status. :O|


estebanana -> RE: Borderline Personality (May 12 2013 12:29:14)


ne in twenty people are psychopaths. They are really not all that uncommon

Most of them must be Wall Street bankers. [;)]

edguerin -> RE: Borderline Personality (May 12 2013 14:49:49)


One in twenty people are psychopaths. They are really not all that uncommon.

How many members here? [8|]

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