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timoteo -> NW Handmade Musical Instrument Exhibit (Apr. 24 2013 3:48:53)

For those of you in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, there's an exhibition this weekend near Portland, OR featuring instrument makers and performers in this part of country:


There will be a number of flamenco guitar builders exhibiting at the show, including (in alphabetical order):

Clarence Burnett
Richard Prenkert
Robert Ruck
George Smith
Les Stansell
Peter Tsiorba

I'll be driving down from Seattle on Saturday to attend. If anyone on the foro is interested in sharing a ride send me an e-mail!

tri7/5 -> RE: NW Handmade Musical Instrument Exhibit (Apr. 24 2013 12:36:15)

Saw this on facebook. Would love to go except I'm on the other side of the country. Portland seems to have more and more of a flamenco scene popping up lately.

FlamencoD -> RE: NW Handmade Musical Instrument Exhibit (Apr. 25 2013 3:38:34)

I live in Portland and am planning to go Saturday afternoon. I think there's one flamenco performance at 3:30. I've been meaning to go for the past couple of years but haven't yet. I'm looking forward to it.

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