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bule_b -> Miguel Angel Cortes - Encuentro (Mar. 1 2013 23:12:33)

I've been thinking of purchasing La Guitarra Flamenca de Miguel Angel Cortes, does anyone here currently own it?

And if so is it a recommended purchase?

I have the Moraito (awesome) and Nunez (didn't like it), since this is an expensive purchase I'd appreciate any advice.

Guest -> RE: Miguel Angel Cortes - Encuentro (Mar. 2 2013 4:48:39)

Yes to both...
Many different keys to work with
Palos covered
Solea in Mi Sol Re
Tangos de Granada in Ta Do
Bulerias in Lo Do Re
Other than falsetas includes
Marcaje, pasaje for the palos
All the material is featured in his two CD releases

I'm a great fan of his playing and this is a wonderfully produced DVD and book..

Highly recommend .. Owned it for well over a year now and still visit regularly..

bule_b -> RE: Miguel Angel Cortes - Encuentro (Mar. 2 2013 15:16:54)

Thanks AlVal.

The marking compas bit seems interesting, I prefer these kind of rythm bits rather than just falsetas. I wish Moraito had done some more Jerez marking compas bits on his videos

Where did you get it from? Most encuentro dealers don't have it in stock.
The only place I find is La Sonanta and that is very expensive for me in USA.

jimand -> RE: Miguel Angel Cortes - Encuentro (Mar. 2 2013 15:51:38)

In the US, Flamenco Connection may have it.
- Jim

HolyEvil -> RE: Miguel Angel Cortes - Encuentro (Mar. 2 2013 21:09:47)



I'm a great fan of his playing and this is a wonderfully produced DVD and book..

I'm big fan too.. awesome video [;)]

Guest -> RE: Miguel Angel Cortes - Encuentro (Mar. 2 2013 23:19:59)

hi bule_b

i bought mine from El Flamenco Vive
a Madrid store...purchased online
i live in Australia so whatever i order is pricey but the shipping seemed lower than other things i get from spain...
plus they threw in a t shirt to lessen the blow..so a nice surprise when the order came..
responded quickly with emails and physically post a magazine/newsletter quarterly keeping me updated with new releases...
not sure if they have the video in stock but found this store really easy to deal with

*** just checked and is in stock at 74 euro's...i think the total order for me was $102 AU

Miguel de Maria -> RE: Miguel Angel Cortes - Encuentro (Mar. 3 2013 15:12:38)

It's weird to see Miguel Cortes having a video and all that now. I took a summer group class with him back in '03 and he taught us Panaderos Flamencos and a tango. He seemed very mellow and mild-mannered. His playing was precise. The most fun was when we went to Marchena to see him and Arcangel. That was a magical performance. I still love Arcangel...

Guest -> [Deleted] (Mar. 3 2013 15:24:44)

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bule_b -> RE: Miguel Angel Cortes - Encuentro (Mar. 3 2013 15:25:46)

Thanks for the replies.

I will look around to see if I can buy a used one as the shipping costs from Europe (30 Euro) make this way too expensive for me.

I emailed MAC and he actually replied, told me he plays his mid-1990's Pedro de Miguel on that video. Amazing sounding guitar!!

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