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mezzo -> YT clip (Feb. 16 2013 18:38:58)

Someone uploaded in YT a homemade clip (with pics) to illustrate a Poveda's tune.
The guy use one of my YT channel vid to include a pic of mine in that vid! [:-]

Basically I appear when Chicuelo is playing falsetas [:D][:D]
@0:30ec and 2'10.

ahahaha!! I already notice once or twice that some people used my stuff, and quote my work while they upload their vids in YT. But that' was musical side. Now, it's the 1st time for that pictural one. I couldn't have imagine something like that...

Doitsujin -> RE: YT clip (Feb. 16 2013 19:11:51)

CEWL hehe

rombsix -> RE: YT clip (Feb. 16 2013 19:31:16)

Sue him for copyright infringement.

mezzo -> RE: YT clip (Feb. 16 2013 19:55:33)

copyright infrigement [:D][:D]

I'd better consider this as creative commoms [;)]

but eventually not Poveda...

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