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cigany -> 2012 a good year for flamenco guitar (Feb. 15 2013 15:47:26)

2012 was a good year for flamenco guitar.

Nino Josele: El mar de mi ventana
Santiago Lara: Sentimientos Nuevos
Pedro Sierra: El Toque Flamenco
Paco Serrano: Catarsis
Jesus de Rosario: AquĆ­ Te Espero
Gerardo Nunez: Travesia
Dani De Moron: Cambio de Sentido

This year, looking forward to Jeronimo Maya.
(Wasn't Manuel Valencia supposed to put out a CD? I'd also really like to see Severiano Jimenez "Nino Seve" record a CD.)

Delta_Slider -> RE: 2012 a good year for flamenco guitar (Feb. 17 2013 2:24:23)

Thanks for the list, I missed a couple of those. I'll be looking into them soon!!

rombsix -> RE: 2012 a good year for flamenco guitar (Apr. 29 2013 0:50:15)

Check this thread: http://www.foroflamenco.com/tm.asp?m=223824&p=3&tmode=1&smode=1

And then update us about new albums. The last I got was the Amir John Haddad new one. I remember now there is a new MAC and upcoming are Jeronimo and Antonio Rey.

Anything else I'm missing? [:D]

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