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dformell -> Metodo De Guitarra, Rafael Marin (Jan. 21 2013 19:48:15)

Hello Everybody,

A copy of Rafael Marin's flamenco guitar method can be found here:

The scans have been edited and converted into PDF. In the above copy you won't find someones web address pasted on every page, it's the 1st edition in Spanish only. There will be an English translation in the future. On a personal note, I put a lot of time into editing the scans, converting into PDF and finally posting to scribd. It's my sincere hope that Mr. Marins' book will be used for scholarly purposes.

Elie -> RE: Metodo De Guitarra, Rafael Marin (Jan. 21 2013 20:10:54)

thanx man ,
never heard of him though

gounaro -> RE: Metodo De Guitarra, Rafael Marin (Jan. 22 2013 11:51:44)

Thanks. [;)]

El Kiko -> RE: Metodo De Guitarra, Rafael Marin (Jan. 22 2013 12:15:33)

interesting ....the first few pages are in that great style of yesteryear ....and it only cost 25 Pts... Im sure that was expensive enough at the time ......

However good the book I am still impressed by the moustache...
I think we should all grow moustaches like that and have a competition ....even the girls.....[:D]

dformell -> RE: Metodo De Guitarra, Rafael Marin (Jan. 23 2013 18:02:03)

I've gotten emails from people who are having trouble downloading Marin's work. Please keep in mind that with scribd one has to share files in order to download. However there is another excellent website out there, internet archive, which is a true online library. Files can be downloaded without having an account or uploading; an account is required only when files are uploaded.

Here's a direct link to Marin's book:

Internet archive is funded through the government and individual donations. Previous e-books that I've shared with the foro flamenco community through scribd will be uploaded to internet archive.

attila57 -> RE: Metodo De Guitarra, Rafael Marin (Apr. 30 2013 10:37:39)


Thanks for the links. is useful but I had no problems with scribd either.

To Elie:

Quote from

"Printed in Madrid, Spain in 1902, Mr. Marin's work is the 1st written flamenco guitar method in history. Rafael Marin is an interesting character, largely forgotten by history, he was adept at both flamenco and classical guitar styles."


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