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dformell -> Rasqueado Studies (Dec. 31 2012 22:04:08)

Hello Everybody,

I discovered 2 things on the internet that I would like to share with this forum:

An interesting method book dedicated to the study of the Rasqueado by Nitin Arora, this method predates the book, the art of the rasqueado by about 18 years. Here's the direct link for downloading, rasqueados are for everyone:


The website, internet archive - a vast collection of all types of media, text, audio & video. Here's the direct link to the internet archive homepage:


Note, to download from scribd you have to share/upload a file; media can be downloaded from internet archive without sharing. Internet archive is a true online library while scribd is somewhat commercial.
To summarize sources for media sharing, there are 2 great websites, scribd & internet archive. Members of this forum are encouraged to upload files to the aforementioned websites.

Happy Holidays,


attila57 -> RE: Rasqueado Studies (Apr. 30 2013 11:07:21)

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the link.

Again, archive.org is a nice and useful site to all guitarists.
I've been very busy with rasgueados these days, so the book is a great help.


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