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flyhere -> Beginner looking for some advices (Dec. 19 2012 16:37:54)


LeƱador -> RE: Beginner looking for some advices (Dec. 19 2012 19:45:43)

First things first, you need to get a job in OC or move to Bakersfield, that commute seems ridiculous. I vote for getting a job in OC because no one should have to live in Bakersfield. Anyways, that aside. Private teacher is the best way to go, Stephens actually my teacher and he's great but I get not wanting to commute. I can guarantee you there's a teacher in the OC that you could go to on Sat. or Sun.

Regular online teacher would be second best but that would be supplemented by some sort of material or book to work out of.

Online lessons seem to have worked for many people here but I've never tried them personally.

And remember the Flamenco Foro search function is your best friend! Anything your pondering, someone has probably asked before so get familiar with it and it'll pay off.

Hope that helps!

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