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flyeogh -> Rip off luthiers?? (Sep. 30 2005 8:20:10)

After recent posts on luthier costs/satisfaction

My Bernal Model F 99 had at least 5 major problems. In its five year history used by a performer in Seville it had had the s**t knocked out of it. Separation of the back, serious cracks from a drop, lesser cracks elsewhere, a deep scratch, etc. From feedback from the gurus on it all sounded serious stuff with difficult remedy. The final advice was “Enjoy it while you can”.

Anyway I visited my nearest luthier - Stephen Hills now back in the south of England - and left it with him for a couple of weeks. If nothing else I asked him to replace the beer rusted machine head (under the theory that I could always salvage this before using the firewood). Now some will say £80 is a lot of money but half of this was the machine head. The care and attention really shows. My Bernal has a new lease of life. It looks the part. I think it can look forward to a ripe old age. And it still is the easiest guitar to play that I have ever touched.

Of the four luthiers I have had contact with none were rich and all demonstrated a love of their art. Have I just been lucky or are there Ferrari driving rip off merchants out there?

Jim Opfer -> RE: Rip off luthiers?? (Oct. 1 2005 11:18:37)

Stephen's a genuine guy and very skilled luthier.
Have you tried any of his flamenco's?

flyeogh -> RE: Rip off luthiers?? (Oct. 1 2005 17:15:03)


Stephen's a genuine guy and very skilled luthier.
Have you tried any of his flamenco's?

Jim I was tempted to ask but with my Anders blanca in November I thought I shouldn't get tempted and Stephen had the kids off school so wasn't a great moment for him. The strangest thing was that he is so young. Somehow I thought luthiers should be old and knarled (accepting our young dane of course[:D]).

One things for sure I'm glad I didn't have a go myself at the repairs.

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