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Guest -> [Deleted] (Sep. 29 2005 18:44:51)

[Deleted by Admins]

Patrick -> RE: Space between Golpeador (Sep. 29 2005 19:30:31)


I would say this was a request from Liebert and not Lester’s recommendation. My new DeVoe negra has a huge one-piece plate that extends almost to the bottom edge of the top. It also has a small section below the bridge, which is very unique. It’s my understanding this is his standard plate.

I should have had Lester put my name on the bridge as well, but I don’t think he would have had enough room for “Grumpy Old Man That Plays Bad Flamenco” LOL

Ron.M -> RE: Space between Golpeador (Sep. 29 2005 19:50:20)

For some reason your post put me in mind of this customer of mine who told me this joke...

This Scotsman is in Amsterdam and decides to go down the Red Light district.
Seeing a nubile young lady in a shop window offering "services", he decides to go in.
They both get stripped off and onto the bed, where the lady starts to play with his private parts.
"Oh...how sweet...why have you got "Amy" tatooed on your willy?
Was she your first love?"
"Amy?....Naw Hen...it's the name of the village where I was born....



It's a bit rude, but the guy who told me it is the Chief Clerk of the Aberdeen Sherrif's Court!"



Guest -> RE: Space between Golpeador (Oct. 7 2005 7:29:45)


I've build with one piece and with two piece golpeador, and I cant hear any difference.

There are many ways of making yourself or what you sell interesting. I prefer to just make a good product.

Thomas Whiteley -> RE: Space between Golpeador (Oct. 8 2005 16:05:06)


the soundboard needs to flex.

To each his own.

I have guitars with one and two piece golpeadors, and can not see or hear any difference. It was common years ago to have a two piece golpeador. Perhaps because Gitanos could not afford the extra material needed for a one piece! [:)]

I can recall the many good guitars I have seen and played that had a two piece golpeador, which had been heavily used. One guitar in particular stands out in my mind. It was a Manual de la Chica, and I think a grizzly bear played it. It had “scratches” deep into the wood beneath the strings. It looked like claw marks!

By the way not many "luithers" in the San Francisco Bay Area can put on a one piece golpeador. I have seen some really bad work!!! I put one on my wifes guitar and it is fine. I guess I was lucky! [:D]

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