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attila57 -> Tocaora??? (Nov. 1 2012 2:07:59)

I just wonder if there are female flamenco guitarists in the world.
Does anyone know about one?

rombsix -> RE: Tocaora??? (Nov. 1 2012 2:51:07)

The search function on the foro is your friend.

attila57 -> RE: Tocaora??? (Nov. 7 2012 22:30:19)

Thanks, Ramzi.

estebanana -> RE: Tocaora??? (Nov. 7 2012 23:59:53)

I've been wondering why this is in Off Topic, guitarists are on topic whether male or female.

attila57 -> RE: Tocaora??? (Nov. 8 2012 0:26:20)

You'd better check out Ramzi's sites listed above. There're a lot of girls around.
I've just watched Carmen Amaya on youtube - fantastic.

estebanana -> RE: Tocaora??? (Nov. 8 2012 2:16:10)

I was wondering why this is not in the general flamenco discussion section? Why are female guitarists represented as "Off Topic" ?

I know there are many female guitarists, it seems like they should be under the heading of general flamenco, not off topic from flamenco. We don't talk about female singers and dancers in Off Topic.

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