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johnnefastis -> Enrique de Melchor - Cuchichi (Oct. 28 2012 19:07:31)


I just got hold of this CD and it's fantastic.

Has anyone here had a go at the Rumba Cuchichi.
I would love to try a few falsettas but I can't find any videos
or tabs.

Guess I will probably fire up Transcribe software but I would love to hear from
anyone who has tried playing it.

Such good music and sad he is no longer with us, I wish I had discovered it sooner.


johnnefastis -> RE: Enrique de Melchor - Cuchichi (Oct. 28 2012 20:41:06)

Just found this. I am not sure if the book is still avaliable, but there seems to be plenty


attila57 -> RE: Enrique de Melchor - Cuchichi (Nov. 4 2012 20:57:39)

Thanx for the post.

johnnefastis -> RE: Enrique de Melchor - Cuchichi (Nov. 4 2012 22:32:56)

Cheers attila.

I had a proper listen and I think it is in Eb Phrygian with no capo (thats probably why it sounds so damn good.... all those semitones). I haven't properly checked but I don't think that tab is right at all. I don't trust it, I will have a crack at learning it by ear sometime.

Do post if you figure some of it out, I can't get enough of it at the moment.

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