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dformell -> Vicente Gomez: Farruca Antigua (Oct. 14 2012 19:12:38)

Hello Everybody,

A very interesting Farruca recorded by Vicente Gomez sometime between the late 1930's and early 1940's. You can hear a version of Mr. Gomez's Farruca on the CD: Segovia & his contemporaries vol. 5. Within in this tab you will find falsetas played later on by Juan Martin & Juan Serrano. You will also hear a compass that sounds very similar to that of a Rumba. Did Vicente Gomez invent the Rumba? You can download the music here:

The music is in written in Mr. Gomez's own hand and in standard notation only.

attila57 -> RE: Vicente Gomez: Farruca Antigua (Nov. 4 2012 20:51:24)

Thanks for posting it. It's good stuff.
Scribd is OK for historical guitar music, too.

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