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prd1 -> Bandsaw Drivebelt (Oct. 8 2012 22:00:08)

Any ideas how to remove the lower wheel on an Axminster 14" bandsaw (I assume most of the modern designs are similar?)...I've ordered some circlip pliers but after that point I'm not sure how to get the wheel off...and what balancing I need to do when I put it back on.


n85ae -> RE: Bandsaw Drivebelt (Oct. 9 2012 1:50:51)

Most have two bolts that hold the motor in place, one acts as a pivot, and
the other usually sits in a slot. So you loosen both, and the motor pivots
allowing the belt to be replaced/tensioned. They should not be difficult
to locate. I would be VERY surprised if you needed to remove the pulley
to change the belt.


n85ae -> RE: Bandsaw Drivebelt (Oct. 9 2012 1:59:12)

After you replace the belt, you just make sure it is tight but not overly so. Then
you adjust the blade tension and tracking. I usually back off all the blade guides
from the blade. And adjust the tracking (usually there is a knob or bolt that tilts
the upper pulley wheel). I generally like to see the blade tracking in the center
of the wheel. (do this rotating by hand until you get it looking right, then power
it up and verify it runs in the center) . Next adjust the side to side guides so they just barely touch the blade (no friction). They should be positioned just
behind the teeth. Then adjust the guide behind the blade so it is about 1/2mm
behind the blade. (There should be two sets of guides above and below the
saws deck.

Run it again (keep damned clear of it), and look see if all the tracking and guides
are positioned right. If it looks good, close up the covers ad cut a test piece, and
see how it goes.

I do ALL of the above every time I change a blade, and it takes probably less the 5-10 minutes max.


n85ae -> RE: Bandsaw Drivebelt (Oct. 9 2012 2:03:32)

Looks like you can download manuals for their stuff from here:

prd1 -> RE: Bandsaw Drivebelt (Oct. 13 2012 17:37:36)

I've downloaded the manual and, although there is no specific section regarding the drive belt replacement, the diagram seems to suggest that the wheel must come also advises against touching the bolts securing the drive shaft as these serve as a datum for the geometry of the machine set-up.

I'm a bit concerned that there is a problem with my machine - some of the guys on this site have built an awful lot of guitars but don't appear to have had to change a drive belt - I wonder if my base is not steady enough and is causing aggravated belt wear?

...thanks very much for your input Jeff, much appreciated.

n85ae -> RE: Bandsaw Drivebelt (Oct. 13 2012 21:02:34)

Post some pics of the motor mount/pulley? I'm curious why they would do
it that way....


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