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n85ae -> RE: About to quit the smoke (Sep. 2 2015 19:28:07)

So if you just restarted smoking, and are posting it here ... are you looking
for sympathy, or ridicule?

I can offer the latter.

Still a non-smoker for more than 10 years, not tempted, and think it's a stupid


Ruphus -> RE: About to quit the smoke (Sep. 3 2015 9:44:28)

Jeff, alias Nancy, [;)]

Before you ridicule others try having a psychological look at the motivation of such a weak comment (provided you have heard of common strategies within the subject).

From there, in respect of your self-enforcing attitude, you may take notion of the fact that reducing smoking to stupidity only indicates classical blindness and rigorousness of mental fundamentalism, for -as scientifically proven- smoking is not simply a one-way road, but does offer gusto and recreational aspects specially to creative mindsets.

It is true that its temporary benefits won´t make up for the detriment of physical long term damages, but lumping the theme with trivial Taliban method does not really indicate rational or constructive view or debate.


n85ae -> RE: About to quit the smoke (Sep. 4 2015 5:42:11)

Smoking is stupid.
Smoking causes cancer.
People die from cancer.

It's very simple.


Ruphus -> RE: About to quit the smoke (Sep. 4 2015 9:57:27)

Glad to hear that there are simple things in existence, for the older I get the more it appeared as if there were hardly any left over.

As a guy who appreciates the tasty side of smoking, I would love to see studies about moderate consumption of tobacco. Actual tobacco.

As you know, with the edict of declaration of nicotine and tar values on the product, the use of poisonous chemical solutions was introduced in order to sneak in other addictive potential through the back door. (Strangely, without any pursue ever following this devious industrial reaction.)

This, as I´m convinced, made the consumption of most tobacco products as fiercely harmful as it is today. Like so often in a system of insatiable pocketing, a needless spoiling of the scene, and in this case of the smoke that used to come out of calumets for contemplation and calming, which after all seem not like stupid effects to me.


tijeretamiel -> RE: About to quit the smoke (Sep. 7 2015 20:04:14)



The quit lasted for exactly 2 years and 4 months.


Beware of that one puff, amigos!


Yep, I've been there myself. I have stopped smoking a few times usually for a year or so, once for about a year and a half. Everytime I relapsed it was a issue of a sneaky puff when I was drunk or down.

Decided to have another crack of the whip to stop smoking once again, not had a smoke for about a week or so.

Ruphus, when the time is right again if it feels right for you get back to trying to stop smoking. Relapse is part of the process.

Leñador -> RE: About to quit the smoke (Sep. 7 2015 20:59:22)

According to this thread I've been quit for 2 years 8 months!
I hooked up with my girlfriend I have now days after I quit so she has never known me as a smoker, that feels weird to me for some reason....

I feel great though, no desire at all. We go have hookah every couple months, that's as close as I get.

Ruphus -> RE: About to quit the smoke (Sep. 8 2015 0:51:34)

Yes, my thought is to quit again as soon as feeling a bit better.
However, this time, now consuming acidy premanufactured, quitting will likely be much harder.

Wow, hookas should present the worst threat. One of these are supposed to be equaling 10 cigarettes. (Actually the local media report the ratio as even higher than that, if I recall that right.)

And if these kind of water pipes be prepared the way I know it, one is inhaling charcoal before all. Yuk!

Anyway, glad to hear of abstinents who don´t feel tempted at all anymore.
I could do without in those years, but did miss the taste and leisure.

For the later I should return to meditation. Thinking of that since quite a while, without realisation, though.


Leñador -> RE: About to quit the smoke (Sep. 8 2015 1:58:53)

I'm sure hookah is not great but at a rate of once every two to three months I'm not so worried about it. Much better than sucking down cigarettes all day.
Your gunna have to want it Ruphus. I wouldn't even try to quit while you don't want to, you'll just feel defeated.

Ruphus -> RE: About to quit the smoke (Sep. 8 2015 8:57:07)

I was wanting. That´s how I stayed away from it for quite a while.

But feeling a breath of imponderable executive on your neck, when no rational circumstance may count, can make you grab a smoke. And, as I said, at first you think of only one puff for the moment.


mark74 -> RE: About to quit the smoke (Sep. 9 2015 18:38:14)

My best friend is a heavy smoker. He is being biopsied for oral cancer at age 41.

runner -> RE: About to quit the smoke (Sep. 9 2015 19:14:27)

Fear was the catalyst for me. After 30 years of cigarettes, I found myself waking up in the morning with a "rat" in my throat, and a lot of nasty coughing, phlegm, etc., and began to worry about throat cancer. My attitude about smoking went from "it's my Friend" to "it's trying to kill me and to worry me to death!" So I quit cold turkey one day in 1983. I was sorely tempted, even to the point of easing a cigarette out of somebody's pack as it sat unattended on their desk, twirling it around in my fingers, but then I put it back and instead chewed gum and sucked on the cap of a Flair pen that allowed enough air to flow through it to vaguely suggest drawing on a cigarette. That, plus bicycling, plus seeing how long it would take everybody to figure out that I had quit, kept me going long enough to detox permanently. Never now crave it; never now think about it.

Leñador -> RE: About to quit the smoke (Sep. 9 2015 23:50:54)

That's great to hear and inspiring runner.!I feel like I'm out of the woods with it. I was the last of my friends to smoke so I'm not ever around it socially anymore, helps a lot.

Just remembered! This helped me tons!
About a month or so after quitting I came home from a friends party and I was pretty darn plastered. While looking for a take out menu I came across a lone cigarette. I said "**** it", lit it up and breathed deeply. That was followed with some hacking which was then followed by about 10 minutes of violent vomiting. Learned me a REAL good lesson. It was like a monkey touching fire. Lol

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