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yourwhathurts69 -> Light bulbs and guitars (Sep. 21 2012 23:12:04)

Hey folks,

I'm curious about what recommendations people have for shining a light inside of a guitar to trace the top bracing. Some bulbs get pretty hot, and the last thing I want to do is damage my guitar. It seems like a pretty common practice, so what's the best way to do it? Thanks.

keith -> RE: Light bulbs and guitars (Sep. 21 2012 23:26:30)

get one of those lights they sell on television where you can stick them up anywhere and they do not get hot.

estebanana -> RE: Light bulbs and guitars (Sep. 22 2012 2:09:22)

Low wattage cool fluorescent bulbs work pretty well. I got a couple at Ikea with some cords with sockets and plugs.

keith -> RE: Light bulbs and guitars (Sep. 23 2012 9:19:29)

yea for ikea--and while there get yourself a cinnamon roll and their chocolate bar. man, i forgot about them even though i have a small ikea light with the flexibel goose neck. i think i paid about $10 or less for it.

yourwhathurts69 -> RE: Light bulbs and guitars (Sep. 24 2012 20:49:05)

Thanks for the info. I think I'll try the fluorescent lights and see how it turns out.

jlneng -> RE: Light bulbs and guitars (Oct. 3 2012 2:05:37)

I would put in a 250w PAR flood and give the inside a suntan !

stephen hill -> RE: Light bulbs and guitars (Oct. 13 2012 20:08:34)

Ikea have also led strips that work well but a low wattage energ saving bulb is fine.

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