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FlamencoD -> New Flamenco Guitar! (Sep. 21 2012 1:39:17)

I've been learning flamenco for the past year and 8 months on a Rodriguez classical guitar. I decided I wanted to upgrade to a nice flamenco, but couldn't afford a custom luthier made one. The guitars I played in my pursuit for a nice flamenco are as follows (with brief thoughts), all are blancas:

Various cheap factory made models: Cordoba, Yamaha: Crap. I knew I wasn't going to buy an entry level guitar, but played these anyway. The Yamaha 172 at $320 was better than the $650 Gypsy King Cordoba. I couldn't believe how ugly looking the Yamaha was, the back and sides literally looked painted yellow; I could barely see any grain in it. It didn't play that horribly, though. The "Gypsy King" Cordoba flamenco guitars sounded and played awful. The Cordoba 45FM (I think) at about $500 was better than then Gypsy King and Yamaha models, but still not that great. It was playable at least.

Manuel Rodriguez FF - I sort of knew I wouldn't keep this one, but I wanted to try it out. I was pretty disappointed with this one after receiving it, the setup was too high for a flamenco, IMO, and the basses were kind of dull. It did have a full sound when strummed, and lots of volume. It was probably the prettiest guitar of all the ones I tried with a beautiful rosette and lovely colorful purfling, but it is a mid-ish level factory guitar, so I am not surprised it fell in last place of the >$1200 group. It is slightly bigger and 1 pound heavier than the others listed below.

Hermanos Conde Blanca - I had the chance to play this guitar used, it was pretty nice; low action and snappy trebles, but the basses just didn't quite do it for me. I honestly am not crazy about the Conde orange, either. Plus, I couldn't figure out how much the instrument was actually worth, so I didn't know if I was over-paying at the asking price or not.

Glenn Canin No. 1 - I really liked this guitar, so I bought it after playing it 3 different times. It is snappy, good basses, decent volume, percussive, really flamenco sounding IMO. It is a joy and easy to play. Sounds great playing bulerias. It is also set up really low so there's some buzzing, but nothing too loud. I really like the planetary pegs. It was formally played by Jason McGuire, and it is pretty beat up. There's a lot of golpe damage, a crack in the top, and scratches throughout. I had Peter Tsiorba quote me for a FP refinish and repair of the crack, and correcting a few other issues/ scratches. It also has an intonation issue (that can be fairly easily corrected according to Canin himself). But that's additional $. I had it for a few weeks, almost settled completely on it, but thought that I should talk to Ron Hudson about the Navarro Concert Flamenco because of all of the rave reviews Navarro gets on this site. Fast forward a few days and I received the Navarro and played both back and forth for 3 days...and that leads me to...

Francisco Navarro Concert Flamenco - Very rich and full sounding guitar, both while strumming chords and in all flamenco techniques. It is pretty loud and beautifully constructed; the workmanship is top notch. The basses and mids are gorgeous soundng, the highs are not as snappy as the Conde or Canin, but it could be the strings, or the scale (660 vs 650). It weighs the same as the Canin Blanca (2.7 lbs) so it is pretty light. Strangely, it feels a little bit heavier in the hands than the Canin, but I weighed them, and they are the same. The bodies are almost identically sized; they must both be based on the 30s Santos Hernandez design, but I'm not sure. It has a real attractive rosette and simple multi layered binding, with a pretty rosewood head stock and attractive gold tuners. It also smells good - I can't figure out if it is the wood (Cypress, spruce?) or the finish, or a combination. I do know the smell is stronger inside the guitar than out, so it must be mostly from the unfinished surfaces inside the guitar.

And the winner is....the Navarro Concert Flamenco! It was a tough choice at first between that and the Canin, but the more I played them, the clearer the choice became. The Canin was nice, but the richness of the Navarro won me over. My wife also chose the Navarro in a blind sound test almost instantly once I started playing it (after playing the Canin first). So there you have it.

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rombsix -> RE: New Flamenco Guitar! (Sep. 21 2012 2:22:29)

Very nice - cheers!

britguy -> RE: New Flamenco Guitar! (Sep. 21 2012 13:17:24)


Francisco Navarro Concert Flamenco - Very rich and full sounding guitar,

Just curious. Exactly which model do you have? The pic in your post shows a different headstock shape than the regular 'Concert Flamenco' shown on Navarro's site.

What did you pay for the guitar. How long did you have to wait for it, and were there any problemsa with shipping and delivery?

Argaith -> RE: New Flamenco Guitar! (Sep. 21 2012 13:31:47)


different headstock shape

That's what I thought too!


FlamencoD -> RE: New Flamenco Guitar! (Sep. 21 2012 13:41:44)

As far as I know it's the Concert Flamenco. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the headstock shape and what looks like upgraded tuners compared to the pics on the site. I ordered from Ron Hudson, and he had to wait about 3 weeks to get them in stock before he could ship. Luckily it worked out in that I was still in the return window for the Canin. Once it was actually shipped out to me, it was fairly fast for ground shipping. I negotiated down the price...not sure I should say exactly what I ended up paying!

Argaith -> RE: New Flamenco Guitar! (Sep. 21 2012 14:27:28)

Congratulations mate, I personally prefer this headstock than the usual one.


not sure I should say exactly what I ended up paying!

You are right, but you can tell us the asking price surely[;)]


beno -> RE: New Flamenco Guitar! (Sep. 21 2012 20:00:33)


Congratulations mate, I personally prefer this headstock than the usual one.

Yes, me too, and I'm picky on that [:D]

Beautiful guitar, Enjoy it!

FlamencoD -> RE: New Flamenco Guitar! (Sep. 22 2012 3:04:20)

Thanks! I believe the starting point was $1800.

flamencositar -> RE: New Flamenco Guitar! (Oct. 10 2012 18:38:41)

Welcome to FN family my fren. I have a FN Grand Concert Flamenca Negra (1.5 months old). I totally agree with you about the workmanship, it's absolutely awesome! I had to wait about 10 weeks for mine.

The trebles get better with time. Just in the 1.5 months I have had Don Pedro, the trebles are opening up. They are not the snappy/crispy blanca variety, but much more sweeter (I prefer).

Enjoy my fren!

flamencositar -> RE: New Flamenco Guitar! (Oct. 10 2012 18:42:27)

I'll reply.

Ron Hudson will work with you on price. The list was 3500--ish.
I had to waith about 10 weeks because of the combo of woods I went with. Sr. Navarro did not have one to my specs. Hence the wait...

Guitar Specs: German Spruce top, Cocobolo back and sides, ebony fingerboard, bone nut and saddle, Brazilain rosewood bridge, French Polish.

The FN website is old. Ron Hudson's runs the website and has updated it in a while.

Shipping and delivery was great! After Ron Hudson got the guitar, 2 days later in my hands Don Pedro was.

satanikoskioftes -> RE: New Flamenco Guitar! (Sep. 3 2013 8:16:53)

Nice guitar.I love cocobolo :D

carlolee -> RE: New Flamenco Guitar! (Jul. 7 2014 4:21:46)

Beautiful guitar!

pundi64 -> RE: New Flamenco Guitar! (Aug. 17 2016 21:14:16)

Ole' very nice, happy playing[:D]

Cloth Ears -> RE: New Flamenco Guitar! (Aug. 18 2016 8:58:04)

There is no day like New Guitar Day, particularly your first luthier built flamenco guitar. I share your joy! My guitars are not new, but I still get that NGD feeling when I play them with new strings which happens to be today :) .

FlamencoD -> RE: New Flamenco Guitar! (Aug. 31 2016 5:31:23)

Since this thread got brought back to life recently I should give my 4 year update since I bought this guitar -- update summary: I love it, and I am continually impressed with the tone out of this guitar! It also still has that lovely cypress aroma when I pull it out of the case each time.

I went through a period for a year or so where I was playing electric guitar a lot more than flamenco (possibly, like many of you, I played electric guitar for years before learning flamenco), but now I'm back in a flamenco period and things are right again in my guitar world. Here's a couple more pictures.

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FlamencoD -> RE: New Flamenco Guitar! (Aug. 31 2016 5:34:04)

Back and heel

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Echi -> RE: New Flamenco Guitar! (Nov. 13 2016 15:21:52)

Sorry to correct but there's a misspelling.

lolita21 -> RE: New Flamenco Guitar! (Jan. 5 2017 10:03:09)

Woww, beautiful guitar, congrats!

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