Dimitri's 2004 Aaron Green Blanca for sale (Full Version)

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elgreco -> Dimitri's 2004 Aaron Green Blanca for sale (Jul. 31 2012 4:00:33)

Dimitri's review with sound clips: http://eflamenco.com/reviews/green/

I think $4.5K is reasonable. Aaron charges $7.5K currently according to his website. The guitar has not even opened yet because it has not been played enough so it is like new. Dimitri stopped playing soon after he bought it and I became the second owner last year but I haven't played it for the past 7 months. Getting married in a couple of months so no time. Would be interested in swapping with an older Spanish guitar if you are local (Bay Area CA)


elgreco -> [Deleted] (Nov. 17 2012 21:25:37)

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