budget amp mike giggin set up (Full Version)

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paco picado -> budget amp mike giggin set up (Jul. 18 2012 13:35:08)

I now there has been much posted on this topic, but after a disasterous gig using an electro classical and rollond micro cube. I would like some advice on which amp, mic etc I will need to produce a sweet sound for my solo gigs, i realise now i need to use mic instead of pick up, I dont need loads of volume neither, but Iam on a tight budget and dont want to buy anything too bullky.
If anyone who gigs and could give me their set up, pref in the UK, I would be graitfull

Miguel de Maria -> RE: budget amp mike giggin set up (Jul. 18 2012 15:49:20)

Try to get a hold of Jon Boyes, he used to post here.

Christianos -> RE: budget amp mike giggin set up (Jul. 18 2012 19:43:16)

Hi Paco,

I use SM57 instrument mic then i go through a Boss vocal processor which gives me my reverb and then i go into a Alesis transactive Mobile PA sytem
depending on the size of the venue ive got a bigger portable PA system
Alot depends on the quality of the mic mine does the job and finally place your mic about 12" away from the guitar. i have mine facing 12 -14 fret on the guitar
Because i play mainly restaurants at the moment when i can get them you tend to be background music so you dont have to be loud
hope this was helpful

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paco picado -> RE: budget amp mike giggin set up (Jul. 23 2012 15:34:11)

Thanks how much does all that cost

Thomas -> RE: budget amp mike giggin set up (Jul. 24 2012 16:01:30)

check out one of these:



Christianos -> RE: budget amp mike giggin set up (Jul. 24 2012 19:52:06)

Hi Paco,
Dont know what your budget is I reckon about £800.00 for the lot! Boss pedal is abit pricey

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