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paco picado -> Electro classical Golpe problem (Jun. 30 2012 15:19:32)

Hi I bought an salvado Ibenez electro classical for doing flamenco gigs and it sounds amazin, i even practice with it plugged in theres one big problem though, the golpes are not amplified at all and wen playing Buleria this is a problem. Is there any techno wizzes out there that could think of a way to solve this problem and do other flawenco/classical electro accoustic guitars have the same problem

Sr. Martins -> RE: Electro classical Golpe problem (Jun. 30 2012 15:44:38)

I dont really like flamenco with piezzos but its strange that it doesnt pick anything of the golpe sound. Is the top too hard? Are you taking out all the bass from the eq?

Sr. Martins -> [Deleted] (Jun. 30 2012 15:46:09)

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shaun -> RE: Electro classical Golpe problem (Jun. 30 2012 16:51:18)

I have a Fishman SBT-C that I use when I want to use a pickup. It's a soundboard transducer so it attaches to the top of the guitar. Because it picks up the sound from the soundboard itself, sometimes golpes seem too loud. But that is manageable simply by tapping further away from the pickup or tapping a bit lighter.

estebanana -> RE: Electro classical Golpe problem (Jun. 30 2012 18:02:54)

I took $2.50 cent piezo transducer from an electronics store and used double sticky foamtape to stick it under the bridge of a cheap flamenco guitar. Soldered the leads to a 1/4" jack and turned it on through an amp. Really not much difference between that and the over $150.00 plus piezo pickups I've installed.

piezo 2.50
jack 10.00

Golpe amplification, priceless.

EQ the2.50 piezo somewhere in your rig and it will sound fine, it's the EQ not the pickup that does the sound.

paco picado -> RE: Electro classical Golpe problem (Jul. 4 2012 11:19:18)

ive got an idea that might work, on my rollond micro cube amp there in an aux input jack socket for attaching other devices like cd players. Im thinking of using a lavellier clip on mic the type that clip your coat lapel, clip it on the sound hole, then into the aux in jack, do you think that would work or should I go for a stick contact mic which I would prefer not to use as they are messy and always dropping off. Im on a tight budget so cant afford any fancy gear, you can pic up a lavelier mic for about a 10 pounds

paco picado -> RE: Electro classical Golpe problem (Jul. 4 2012 11:25:17)

Just one thing to add I would also be using the built in picups in unison with the external picup and am woundering what the overall sound might be

Ricardo -> RE: Electro classical Golpe problem (Jul. 4 2012 16:41:29)

I was gonna say just use a normal mic that you would have used to amplify the sound. Of course it won't be as strong and loud as the pick up...but just enough gain to get the golpes to come out will make a huge difference.

Fishman pro blend has been very successful in this regard as you can blend the amount of mic vs pickup onboard. Even just a touch of mic is plenty to get golpes and attack you are looking for.


paco picado -> RE: Electro classical Golpe problem (Jul. 12 2012 15:19:05)

I do tend to play with treble up to max and just touch of bass, it seems to make it sound more flamenco, the bass from my guitar doesent seem as difined Its Slavador Ibenez if I turn up the bass will the golpes pic up as well, I wish I could get a sound as good as what it sounds like through my headphones, I would highly recomend the Rolland micro cube, runs off batteries too. I think the touch of a little reverb works wonders as well. The lavellier pic up makes no differance to golpes so Im going to try those contact mic pads and run it through the aux in.

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