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Shawn Brock -> La Tomasa and Pedro Pe (Jun. 20 2012 17:39:51)

Last night I was awake and feeding my son when I heard a great Siguiriya on CSur Radio. Listed as the artists were La Tomasa, (guitar) and Pedro Pe, (vocal). I don't know what it was about that Siguiriya, but I thought that La Tomasa had a great sound and just killed it.

Here's my question for you guys. Anyone care to recommend a sight where I can buy either a CD or download of this record? I checked iTunes but they didn't have it. I'm finding that more and more the Flamenco I want to buy isn't on American iTunes. No doubt that I can dig around the net and find something, but I'm interested to hear where a lot of you guys are buying your flamenco albums. And yes, I know to stay away from one particular flamenco site in the reviews section of the foro...

Thanks for any help with this...

kudo -> RE: La Tomasa and Pedro Pe (Jun. 20 2012 20:17:44)

hey shawn, I had an idea the other day is to somehow record CSRadio (which im listening to right now as im typing this post) using softwares and audiointerface, because I heard lost of great stuff that I had never heard elsewhere!

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