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Estevan -> Doc Watson 1923-2012 (May 30 2012 18:44:14)

Doc Watson obituary

washakie -> RE: Doc Watson 1923-2012 (May 30 2012 21:02:30)

love doc watson deep river blues R.I.P

BarkellWH -> RE: Doc Watson 1923-2012 (May 30 2012 23:10:20)

Doc Watson was an American original, bridging the genres of bluegrass and folk. I have always thought of bluegrass as a form of American folk music anyway, although it is often thought of as "country."

Thanks for noting his passing, Estevan.



Richard Jernigan -> RE: Doc Watson 1923-2012 (May 31 2012 9:24:19)

We'll miss you, Doc, both the sound of your guitar and your honest North Carolina voice.


Anders Eliasson -> RE: Doc Watson 1923-2012 (May 31 2012 10:10:42)

Bye bye Doc

keith -> RE: Doc Watson 1923-2012 (May 31 2012 11:34:21)

i read somewhere that bluegrass music is a favorite of many flamencos. in many respects the two styles followed a similar path. what was really cool about doc watson was his ability to take fiddle music and transpose it to guitar.

back in the 1980's and early 1990's i lived in the house which was the offices for flying fish records--a record label for bluegrass, folk, and similar musical styles. during my "tenure" there i met quite a few musicians who had contact with doc watson (he recorded on their label as well but i do not recall meeting him) and heard great things about him. he was both king in his genre as well a great man--one who had the unpleasant task of burying his son--something no parent should be put in the position of doing.

Estevan -> RE: Doc Watson 1923-2012 (May 31 2012 15:02:42)

More music; but note the little speech @ 5:17

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