White trebles? (Full Version)

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Shawn Brock -> White trebles? (Apr. 30 2012 23:48:46)

Okay... To go along with the other Paco threads...

Anyone ever tried either the Luthier white trebles, or the Aquila white trebles? I'm thinking of ordering both to try out. I would also be interested in comments about the bass strings from each company. It looks like Luthier just sells these white trebles alone, not a part of any of their other sets.

I'm always interested in trying new strings, though most times its a bust... Like 2 weeks ago when I put a set of the Savarez carbons on. I gave them almost a day before taking them off and going back to my trusted Daddario J46C... I have sure wasted a few bucks on strings which I just can't stand... I don't know when I'll finely get it into my head that the Savarez carbons just don't work for my playing and ear. Every year I buy a set and put them on just to find out that yes its still true, I don't like them... I'm all for brighter trebles, but my playing style just don't make them sound musical...

According to Strings By Mail, the Aquila white trebles are supposed to be somewhat bright like carbons, but who knows... Guess its worth $11 to find out. As for Luthier, I don't know much about them. I know I tried a set from them a few years ago, but can't remember if I liked them or not. I know I haven't tried the white trebles though. I'm guessing that the Luthier white trebles is what Paco uses, being that he has had a long relationship with them.

gounaro -> RE: White trebles? (May 1 2012 14:57:12)

I have tried Aquila Alabastro trebles.

They caused me some difficulties with arpegio and picado.

Shawn Brock -> RE: White trebles? (May 1 2012 16:28:11)

What kind of trouble are we talking about? Were they to stiff?

I also ordered a set of the Daddario titanium high tension trebles, and I'm going to put them with my J46C composite basses. I have heard good things about these Daddario Titanium, but haven't tried them yet either. A friend loves them on his Reyes negra, so I guess they are worth a shot...

TANúñez -> RE: White trebles? (May 1 2012 16:49:05)

Is that what Paco is using? I was front and center at last nights show and could tell the high E and B strings were white but the G looked clear.

beno -> RE: White trebles? (May 1 2012 17:35:13)

I've tried the Aquila alabastro trebles. they were the BEST on my previous 660 blanca performing far better than anything else...also hard to wear out. Don't order the basses to it! it's crap. Dull, powerless, and dead right on start. On my actual blanca (which is far better) they're nothing special, or a little bit dull.

Tried a couple of Luthier sets. Nothing sounds so crap like that. Never again.

Now I have Galli Carbon on. First I wanted to take it off immediatelly, but somehow it's still on.

Good thing with D'addarios, that it sounds great no matter what guitar I put them on.

JuanDaBomb -> RE: White trebles? (May 1 2012 17:49:00)

I've used the Aquila Alabastro strings. They're markedly different. I'm pretty sure that I would not call them bright. In fact, in my opinion they carry the sound in the other direction, but not like a thicker nylon string (like Hannabachs) would (the Alabastro trebles are actually pretty thin). I'd say that they simplify the sound by reducing harmonics / overtones; I'm not even sure if strings can affect that, but that's just the impression that I get. When you dig into the trebles pretty hard and you get a little bit of that fretboard slap, that's when they start to sound pretty old school.

I've only tried one set, but one thing is for sure: I would never ever use their bass strings again. They lasted only 1 week before they were ready to snap at a couple points where they meet the frets. They're the only bass strings I've ever used that have shown that much wear so quickly. I paired them with good ol' E45C basses and was pretty happy. [;)]

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