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BillD -> FL2 Color (Mar. 29 2012 12:10:16)

I am interested in a Ramirez FL2, but to me, the orange color seems too bold. I think I have seen older ones that looked to be more natural in color, but I have it on good authority that the only color offered now is orange. I am a beginner and don't understand this seemingly extreme choice. Does the color mellow with age? Can anyone give me any info or background on generally accepted preferences in this area?

gbv1158 -> RE: FL2 Color (Mar. 29 2012 12:35:11)

Hi, Bill

I like the color of my 2007 FL2, and since I bought her in april 2009 ( new from a guitar shop) the color has not canged.

good luck!

KMMI77 -> RE: FL2 Color (Mar. 29 2012 12:51:52)

My advice would be to worry about the sound and playability, not the color. It is the sound that will either inspire you or annoy you in the long run, more so than the orange tint.

keith -> RE: FL2 Color (Mar. 29 2012 13:18:19)

i owned a fl-2 when they first came out and the tint was amber-orange-ish but nowhere close to conde's traffic cone safety orange color. i think they have kept the same color. to be honest i was not that impressed with the fl-2 although when i purchased my guitar it sold for about $1100 whereas now they sell for about $3K. it is a good guitar but for the price i think one can do far better. $3K for a factory built guitar seems a little steep.

xirdneH_imiJ -> RE: FL2 Color (Mar. 29 2012 13:48:50)

check my videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/xirdneHRicsi
depending on lighting, the FL2 has many colors...i've played 3 different ones and they're all a bit different, i'd like to think i have one of the best of them...it's a balanced, very good instrument, worth the money for me...mine was born in 2005

El_Tortuga -> RE: FL2 Color (Mar. 29 2012 14:23:13)



I am interested in a Ramirez FL2, but to me, the orange color seems too bold.

My Francisco is a lovely orange. [;)]

davidheis_24 -> [Deleted] (Mar. 30 2012 12:49:17)

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Dave K -> RE: FL2 Color (Mar. 30 2012 19:33:57)


Richard...Nice composition, nice guitar, and nice playing, but incorrectly labeled as a Guajira?
Cheers, Dave

xirdneH_imiJ -> RE: FL2 Color (Mar. 30 2012 23:02:05)

no, it was definitely composed as a guajira...

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