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kudo -> David Moreno (1953) (Mar. 20 2012 1:06:53)

there is very little info on Moreno. I just got 2 albums of his ,both titled "David Moreno Maestro de Toque 1953" , anyone knows anything about him?
I found very few youtube videos of him

El_Tortuga -> RE: David Moreno (1953) (Mar. 20 2012 3:16:01)

There's a little picado run in there (0:36) that is in one of my falseta charts [:D]

Richard Jernigan -> RE: David Moreno (1953) (Mar. 20 2012 19:04:25)

From Randy Osborne's site


"David Moreno Navarro was born in Gijon (Asturias province) in 1924. His parents moved to Madrid in 1934. A few months later David performed in the Teatro La Latina. At the age of 12 he played in Los Gabrieles & Villa Rosa. With the troupes of Estrellita Castro & Carmen Amaya he toured the Americas. After that he toured France, England, Italy, Switzerland & Germany. In the early 1950's David toured with Concha Piquer to Argentina, Chile, Brazil & Mexico. He settled in Mexico and achieved great popularity. He died in 1976."

I heard Moreno several times in Mexico City in the late 1950s-early 1960s. I don't remember whether it was at Manolo Caracol's "Rincon de Goyar" or at the other major flamenco venue of the era, "Gitanerias". Moreno was an excellent guitarist.


quocdung -> RE: David Moreno (1953) (Jul. 11 2016 22:03:59)

I uploaded a new album of David Moreno on youtube couple days ago, titled :David Moreno y su guitarra flamenca full album" Hope you enjoy it. This is the link:


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