Fake YouTube Notifications! (Full Version)

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Ron.M -> Fake YouTube Notifications! (Mar. 12 2012 12:24:23)

I've had a few of these now apparently from YouTube Service saying "Your video has been approved." followed by a seemingly valid YouTube URL.

It is a scam by some Pharma outfit.

Don't know if there are any viruses etc associated with it, but my AVG blocked it as a threat.

PITAS (Pain In The Ass Scammers) [:D]



Argaith -> RE: Fake YouTube Notifications! (Mar. 12 2012 12:57:19)



I like the acronym Ron.
Also, I would probably name my next child PITAS if I was going to have another one[;)][:D]

El_Tortuga -> RE: Fake YouTube Notifications! (Mar. 12 2012 16:47:38)

I've been getting those bogus notifications in my Yahoo email account. I knew they're bogus because my YouTube account isn't associated with my Yahoo address. [:D]

Arash -> RE: Fake YouTube Notifications! (Mar. 12 2012 17:01:00)

Even worse is fake Paypal emails.
I had one which was extremely genuine looking.

Sr. Martins -> RE: Fake YouTube Notifications! (Mar. 12 2012 19:54:33)

"Pitas" means underage girls in portuguese lol

odinz -> RE: Fake YouTube Notifications! (Mar. 13 2012 0:40:50)

I have been getting some weird stuff too.

Checking my inbox there are mails that notify me of account safety issues in things wic I am not subscribed

For examle, I get this from: Justinbieberforums, World of warcraft, aion team, apple iPad notifications, ebay auction status, walt disney network, and the winner: order free chicken kfc chicken.

I also get phonecalls from people wondering if I have computer trouble, they speak english, or should I say: try to speak english.

I tracked some of these to china and india but one can never know if they make use of ip consealing.
Also it is fairly easy to send mails from other peoples email adresses, I could infact send someone a email from you Ron, without ever even logging into your email.
Andit would appear to the person that you sent it, exactly your email adress and all.

I wont though!
But yeah, these things are becoming a pest.
If something really looks official and is not caught in the spam filter or your anti virus, look for other things, such as typos, poor grammar and such.

duende -> RE: Fake YouTube Notifications! (Mar. 13 2012 10:23:58)

i think you should go for a KFC! would be amazing if you would get your order.[8D]

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