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jaggedsphere -> Tangos de la Sultana (Mar. 9 2012 3:55:50)

Any leads of tabs for this one? I find this tangos so enchanting.

Also, a question: Is the proper term 'falsetta' when referring to the guitar parts that start off this song? it sort of goes a,a,b,b then the palos starts in full.


Issam -> RE: Tangos de la Sultana (Mar. 9 2012 17:40:14)

Here you go

Falseta 1:

Audio (GP)

Falseta 2:

Audio (GP)

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jaggedsphere -> RE: Tangos de la Sultana (Mar. 9 2012 19:28:57)

Oh very good. I am excited to get home to look at this!
Thank you.

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