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jaggedsphere -> SBM order (Mar. 4 2012 21:17:11)

So I am making my quarterly Strings by Mail order. Any cool books/DVDs/CDs I should entertain buying?

jaggedsphere -> RE: SBM order (Mar. 4 2012 21:36:32)

Emergency Nail Kit from RICONAILS
Paco Peña, Misa Flamenca DVD <-On sale!

keith -> RE: SBM order (Mar. 4 2012 22:48:23)

they now sell t-shirts which are nice (beefy cotton). also, with your order include the free sbm decal. as for the t-shirts, if you wear a size between two standard sizes (e.g., large-extra large) go with the larger size.

jaggedsphere -> RE: SBM order (Mar. 4 2012 23:47:39)

T-shirt would be chill. I like that design.
:( they are out of decals.

but this looks like a great album that is also on sale!
Florilege de la Guitare CD
$15.49 $7.75
Save: 50% off
JOAQUIN RODRIGO (1901 – 1999): Invocation et danse – Scott Tennant, guitar; IGOR STRAVINSKY (1882 – 1971): Eight Easy Pieces (selections): Andante; Napolitana; Española; Balalaïka – Trio de Cologne; THELONIOUS MONK (1917 – 1982): Round Midnight – Roland Dyens, guitar; STEPAN LUCKY (*1919): Andante sostenuto & allegro vivo – Odair Assad, guitar; Edmond Carlier, cello; LEO BROUWER (*1939): Sarabande de Scriabin; La toccata de Pasquini – Costas Cotsiolis, guitar; DIETRICH BUXTEHUDE (1637 – 1707): Suite in E minor – Roberto Aussel, guitar; JOHANN KASPAR MERTZ (1806 – 1856): Fantaisie hongroise – David Russell, guitar; ASTOR PIAZZOLLA (1921 – 1992): Tangus dei – Eduardo Isaac, guitar; EGBERTO GISMONTI (*1947): Baião malandro – Sergio & Odair Assad, guitars

Selected amongst the guitar albums recorded within a period of twenty years, here are some of the most intense musical moments from the GHA catalog.

Turner -> RE: SBM order (Mar. 8 2012 22:29:20)

If you want one of the SBM decals I have one I'll never use if there is somewhere I could send it let me know, or not.
I'm in Alberta so no big thing.

jaggedsphere -> RE: SBM order (Mar. 9 2012 4:15:38)

That is super generous! I'm hoping that there will be one in the package once it's sent.
Thanks Turner. [:D]

Turner -> RE: SBM order (Mar. 9 2012 19:38:03)

OK, no worries.
If you don't get one give me a shout and I'll stick one in the mail for you.
Hell, I'll even pay for the stamp! [:D]

Estevan -> RE: SBM order (Mar. 9 2012 19:39:41)

Last time I ordered strings from them the package took five weeks to get here. You could drive it in five hours.

When I recently ordered nail silk from Miro, it got here from Sweden in one week. The postal service is a strange thing.

jaggedsphere -> RE: SBM order (Mar. 9 2012 20:38:17)

@Turner: Thanks pal! :)
@Estevan: Last time I ordered it was during the postal strike!
I've worked in online sales for a music store before. I learned to be pretty cautious but I am surprised at the 5w delay! Did they keep you informed? If your items were not in stock they should have told you and suggested alternatives or timeline.

Estevan -> RE: SBM order (Mar. 9 2012 20:54:30)

jag, I don't think the problem was SBM, but after the package left them it went into a space-time vortex.
It's not always like that- I got a CD from them recently that only took a week. It's usually stuff that you need urgently that takes longer.

Turner -> RE: SBM order (Mar. 10 2012 20:45:05)


...It's usually stuff that you need urgently that takes longer.

Always the way.

BTW - 'Torontolucia' - love it.

jaggedsphere -> RE: SBM order (Mar. 14 2012 13:25:51)

Got my order. And a very nice hand written note on my PO. I guess they were able to dig up a decal for me! My enthusiasm for this company is bordering on fanaticism. [8D]

Turner -> RE: SBM order (Mar. 15 2012 16:36:18)

So decal problem solved!

Next time you order have a look at those little planet waves headstock tuners that SBM have, I got a couple there and they work really well and are almost invisible from the front. They run something like $17 each.

jaggedsphere -> RE: SBM order (Mar. 15 2012 18:52:38)

Clip on tuners are awesome! I have a small sized Intellituner that I have had for ~5 years. Regular use and have not yet changed that battery. I start to wonder if I have benign gremlins that change the batteries in it! Only thing about it is you need to use the harmonic on the 6th string.

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