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Don Dionisio -> What's the status of flamenco-teacher.com? (Feb. 28 2012 14:12:13)

I was wondering if anyone knows whether flamenco-teacher.com will be adding
any new material. I've been a member for about 2 years and it doesn't seem like they have added anything new in quite some time. I really like the current material and find it very useful and enjoyable.
I'd be interested in a lesson on picado as well as more falsetas in the different palos.
Thanks for any information you might have.

machopicasso -> RE: What's the status of flamenco-teacher.com? (Feb. 29 2012 0:11:14)

I think it's been a while since FT's added any new lessons. It does however have Encuentro videos on sale, and many of those are worthwhile investments.

himanshu.g -> RE: What's the status of flamenco-teacher.com? (Apr. 26 2021 0:40:04)

After a long time I tried to login today to watch some lessons. However, the website doesn't appear to be functional. Everything, including trying to contact support, fails with error message "An error has occurred! Please contact support.".

Does anyone know, who I can reach out to so that I can download the content I bought to have continued access to those.

himanshu.g -> RE: What's the status of flamenco-teacher.com? (Apr. 28 2021 6:36:32)

I think I found Ramin Rad's profile ( http://www.foroflamenco.com/showprofile.asp?memId=508 ) who managed the website.

Does anyone have his emailId or another way to get in touch with him? I have already left him a msg in his foro flamenco inbox.

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