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El Burdo -> Beginners' Corner (Feb. 7 2012 12:30:23)

I was thinking about the debate about where you should put photos of guitars and the ethics therein. Nobody mentioned being proud of ones work as a reason to post but we are surely? There may be diminishing returns but I'm sure all you horny handed craftsmen are secretly pleased with the fruit of your labours. I love looking at the pics and study for hints (do people purfle their banding down the centre of the back for instance? I can't see any clear evidence! Are the simple soundhole reinforcements on the Santos Hernandez drawing so simple? Yes, they seem to be.)

Anyway, I just wanted to post this, as I am proud of it, but also to let you know that I listen closely to what you say and it may be of use to lurking beginners like myself hoping to pick up some hints.

This is my go-bar deck, something I'd not been aware of before joining the forum. It uses 4mm fibreglass rods for blinds, cut to 50cm (max height for the cutters and the deal but it works well enough), from a company called Gloriosa, found on Ebay (UK) and 4mm rubber caps from Roomserve, also from Ebay. The rods don't move and give just enough play to allow me to centre the wood being clamped as I build up the number of rods. It really is great! I use screwthreaded rods that allow me to lock the upper board in place which allows my to alter the tension and height in the rods. That came from you.

Underneath holding the top, is my new solera. It has been contoured for a 2mm dome and has a neck declination (whatever, I can't say 'angle' anymore) of 1mm which I decided upon by calculating and drawing as suggested by y'all. I decided to make the solera in this form from your comments and answers.

Underneath that, is my workshop... Well, as I said, I work in a one bed flat in London but can get most done. It's an Ikea Bekvam kitchen trolley! (with added vise). I'll probably have to go to a friend's workshop to do the side bending but otherwise everything else is done here.

So, thanks. Braces being glued in shortly.

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Gummy -> RE: Beginners' Corner (Feb. 7 2012 12:54:04)


horny handed craftsmen are secretly pleased with the fruit of your labours.


Anders Eliasson -> RE: Beginners' Corner (Feb. 7 2012 15:26:22)

Thanks for posting. You winn the price for neding most scrolling in posts.[;)] I was close to not reading because I hate scrolling.
Just 2 question. Why the 2 brads and why the big hole in the solera? The soundboard wont move when yo brace.

El Kiko -> RE: Beginners' Corner (Feb. 7 2012 15:42:50)

maybe you didnt read all the posts , like mine for example especially the bit about the bit about

, thats what they do , build and sell and Im sure they are very proud of their creations,

And I suppose you might then not have noticed the bit about

The only thing I dont like is when a Pic is posted that hasnt been scaled down and it has to upload at a ridiculously large format that causes the page to be really big and
you have to scroll around to see it .......please dont do that.

I think its not just me lots of others dont like that, and it not like it hard to do or anything ..////

El Burdo -> RE: Beginners' Corner (Feb. 7 2012 16:44:49)

Hi Anders - I do like to make people work and also I don't know how to make them smaller. Will study. Er, the brads..the top is larger than required and the perimeter is marked on the other side so I pushed a pin through at the extreme of the outline, dug a hole in the solera at the same point so I could locate it accurately when I turned it back over, where there wasn't a perimeter drawn. The hole is so it can be kept solid in position when attaching the sides etc. Is this not normally done?

Rico_Kiko - I may have read that. I was expressing my opinion not that of others. Glad we share it.

How do you scale a photo down then? - it is a pain but I can't see anything in iPhoto. Mind you, I haven't looked. (Some time later... see above)

constructordeguitarras -> RE: Beginners' Corner (Feb. 7 2012 18:26:43)

I like the big hole. If I had one in mine then I could fit the back onto a guitar on the solera and still be able to reach inside to push the sides out so the back bars can fall into place. I also like the rubber feet on the go bars. I always steam out the dents left by my unfooted wooden go bars.

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