Happy Chinese New Year! (Full Version)

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BarkellWH -> Happy Chinese New Year! (Jan. 22 2012 15:40:59)

Happy Chinese New Year! The Chinese New Year begins Monday, January 23, and this is a particularly auspicious year, as it is the Year of the Dragon. So, I wish everyone "Gong Xi Fa Cai" (Mandarin) or "Kong Hee Fat Choy" (Cantonese).

Having spent many years living in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Burma) all with large Chinese populations, Chinese New Year is as much a part of me as Western New Year. If you get the opportunity, dine out at a Chinese restaurant that features a lion dance during the Chinese New Year celebration. Great fun!



chester -> RE: Happy Chinese New Year! (Jan. 22 2012 19:35:35)

As someone who is married to a Viet I would like to alert you to the PC term 'Lunar New Year'.

Gummy -> RE: Happy Chinese New Year! (Jan. 22 2012 23:29:48)

My in-laws are Chinese. We spent the day watching festivals on tv and cooking. It is a really big deal to them. Cool having two new years festivals in one year.(mine and theirs..)[:)]

Happy new year!!!

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