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Billyboy -> Accompanying Alegrias Baile (Jun. 2 2005 16:26:14)

Hi. I have started accompanying an Alegrias dance class. Just a few questions. In the Escobila section, is it the norm to just use two chords, arpegiated, like A major and E, or does one use D as well. The ‘Solo Compas’ Cd just seems to use 2 chords on this section. Also in the silencio section, must one modulate to the minor, I have some good Philip John Lee trad falsetas for this, but they are all in the major key. Also would it be wise to throw in a picado run during the Coplas as long as it was in compass, or would it annoy the dancer. And last, are there a strict order of sections, like Coplas, Escobila, Silencio, Buleria, or are they thrown together at the dancers will.
Thanks for any replies.

Florian -> RE: Accompanying Alegrias Baile (Jun. 2 2005 17:01:08)

hi Billyboy :)

There is no limit to what u can do but most common in Escobilla is to just use the 2 chords.

With the silencio there is no must as long as is in compas you can do whatever sounds good to your ear.

Ofcourse you can throw in a scale, just organise with someone to do palmas that compliment it before (if possible) contra clara work nice with picado runs, and ofcourse it will annoy the dancer, but you will feel greate afterwoods if the run comes off :)

U can change the Alegria to suit the coreography but generaly,
this is how we do it :
4 compases of scratching, Guitar entro, copla, (some kind of foot displante, not escobilla that comes later) silencio ,---> escobilla--->buleria.

to my knolodge all is changable to suit the coreography as long as you finish with buleria.

Florian -> RE: Accompanying Alegrias Baile (Jun. 2 2005 17:12:18)

the golden rule to acompanying used to be : the more busy the footwork the simpler u have to keep the guitar,
when the footwork is simple sand basic u can experiment with falsetas, chords sequences etc.

but this days i have heard specific falsetas played exactly at the same time as the busy footwork but that is normaly when is a guitarists concert eg. paco and vicente and they are calling the shots.

Billyboy -> RE: Accompanying Alegrias Baile (Jun. 2 2005 18:05:06)

Thanks for the advice Florian

Florian -> RE: Accompanying Alegrias Baile (Jun. 2 2005 18:27:47)

I hope u find it usefull

Guest -> RE: Accompanying Alegrias Baile (Jun. 2 2005 21:48:17)

Hola Billyboy

I have just come from the Peña de la Perla, where a pick-up group from Cadiz are trying to mount an alegrias for a girl from Sevilla, who arrived last week to take part in the Concurso de Baile por Alegrías and was let down by her group.

The "pick-up" group is de lujo: al cante: Jose Millan, 30+years experience of singing for dance, Juan Ramon Ortega, who accompanies dance 4 nights weekly and Naim, a young dancer/cajon player with incredible compás.

The escobilla guitar is simple, 2 chords but the compás is very tight. Compás ALWAYS rules and even in Cadiz, simplicity with compas is preferred.

The silencio in minor. As for falsetas, are you really sure that they have rock solid compás??? You should NEVER do anything to annoy the dancer.

And yes there is more or less a strict sequence of intro, coplas, perhaps a remate por bulerías, then the silencio. There usedt be a connecting part called the ida, but nowadys it is replaced with a short section of bulerías. A remate and the escobilla whilh speeds up and changes to bulerías de Cádiz to end.

Of couse there are endless variations, but from the guitarist´s point of view, CÓMPAS, CÓMPAS Y CÓMPAS.



Billyboy -> RE: Accompanying Alegrias Baile (Jun. 3 2005 7:47:53)

Thanks Sean, I sometime us the D chord in Escabila, arpegiated after playing the A and E chords, which sounds quite nice but I have never heard it on records. What are the Keys most commonly used for Alegrias, is the Rosas Alegrias just mean its in the E Key. Also when doing the struming in the coplas is it the norm to do that decending arpegio bit, starting on the 7 beat, or just rasguado. One more thing, is there any Tabledit or GP tabs about, of Minor falsetas one could use in the silencio section. Thanks again

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