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FullMetalGuitarist -> Esteve F5 12th fret action (Nov. 26 2011 18:33:57)

I'm playing an Esteve guitar f5 model which is a flamenco blanca,
it's price is about 750-900 $
Unlike many guitars at this price range it is made in a proper way - 5 braces , thin top(again compared to guitars at the same category) , low bridge and saddle and a spanish heel.

The height of the strings from the top at the bridge is 9mm, which (as far as I understood from people here) is fine.

However the action on the 12th fret is 5mm (classical guitar action) rather then 2.5mm.

It seems to me very wired that a guitar that was build in such a "proper" way but with a wrong neck angle.

What can it be? Maker's mistake? backbow build?

Is there a possibility that the neck angle was moved with the time? (the guitar was made in 2007 and as far as i know there are no reinforcements in the neck)

Does anyone have this specific model? If yes, whats the action on yours?

M.S.A. -> RE: Esteve F5 12th fret action (Dec. 4 2011 16:46:39)

I also have an Esteve guitar, it's an instrument made in early sixties and still has no neck angle problems at all. It came, with a pleasing flamenco action, something around 2.5mm but the bridge itself is still a classical one so the bone has been additionally lowered to the maximum just to leave some space to have at least some string break angle.
I changed the bone now, having 3.8mm at the 12th, but it's still very nice feel for playing, no signifficant difference and the projection seems beter.
A very interesting particularity about my guitar is that it doesn't have any fan braces.. Which is the first time I have had such a guitar. although it sounds so well that I can't say I would mind not having them.

Did you try to file the bone down so you could go lower?

The problem you describe seems to me that they put a classical bridge on the flamenco guitar which explains the extra high action on the 12th fret. Just for comparison, mine is a classical and these are dimensions of the bridge: 8mm at the tie block and 7mm at the sadle, the distance of strings from the soundboard is 10mm.

Btw., how about the sustain? would you consider it having rather higher, or lower sustain?

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