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desaviol -> Polyurathane Laquer on ramirez fl1 (Nov. 18 2011 23:59:07)

can someone tell me what finishing have the Ramirez fl1?
is it Polyurathane Laquer?

desaviol -> RE: Polyurathane Laquer on ramirez fl1 (Nov. 19 2011 9:57:41)

anybody knows ?
This guitar plays have good balance but is a bit quiet, and not very good on the treble side.

Gimar Yestra -> RE: Polyurathane Laquer on ramirez fl1 (Nov. 19 2011 11:35:58)

isit a factory guitar?? then you can expect it to be polyutherane.

I've only seens handmade guitars that had frenchpolish finishes.

Richard Jernigan -> RE: Polyurathane Laquer on ramirez fl1 (Nov. 19 2011 20:19:24)

Here, on the Ramirez site:


it says you can have the flamenco model in polyurethane or shellac (French polish), cedar or spruce top, cypress or Indian rosewood back and sides. Eight possible combinations altogether.


Sean -> RE: Polyurathane Laquer on ramirez fl1 (Nov. 19 2011 20:42:40)

FL1 is not the top model, I thought it was but FL1 and FL2 are both listed studio guitars, yellow finish for spruce, orange cedar. It makes no mention of what the finish is other then their colours. Under professional it lists a flamenco as Richard has linked to, I guess that makes 3 models not counting the different options.

Richard Jernigan -> RE: Polyurathane Laquer on ramirez fl1 (Nov. 19 2011 21:11:37)

Hmm. My mistake. I thought the FL1 was the top model. The listing says "inspected, adjusted and certified by Ramirez" which implies to me that they are built by someone else.

This site


has the same address as Guitar Salon International in Santa Monica, California, so I assume that they are the official distributors of Ramirez guitars in the USA. It says the finish is "lacquer". That leaves open the question whether it is polyurethane or nitrocellulose--or even something else. You might try e-mailing or telephoning them to see what they have to say.


C. Vega -> RE: Polyurathane Laquer on ramirez fl1 (Nov. 19 2011 23:29:35)

Ramirez calls their top model(s) 1aF these days.
Both the FL1 and FL2 are outsourced production guitars made for Ramirez by outside contractors and not in the Ramirez shop. The older FL2 models were made by the Amalio Burguet shop in Catarroja (Valencia) but I don't know if this is still the case. I have no idea who makes the FL1.
The finishes on both are most likely either a catalyzed urethane or polyester. Both are commonly referred to as "lacquer" in sales and advertising copy.

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