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estebanana -> Moving Along (Sep. 20 2011 3:21:50)

Here's a picture of A Port Orford guitar I'm working up with ebony binding.

Busy, busy, tired, tired. More soon.

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Gummy -> RE: Moving Along (Sep. 20 2011 10:32:39)

Bondage porn. Yumm...[:D]

ralexander -> RE: Moving Along (Sep. 20 2011 17:38:54)

I'm strangely aroused [8|]

estebanana -> RE: Moving Along (Sep. 20 2011 17:54:25)

I posted it on my facebook page and even my Mom thought it was hot.

Of course my mom thinks I poop out little bars of gold.

kudo -> RE: Moving Along (Sep. 20 2011 18:53:25)

is that yours Ryan? [:)]

estebanana -> RE: Moving Along (Sep. 20 2011 19:52:31)

No his is in the queue.....don't like to say who's is who's in public. This is a commission for a Port Orford Guitar that was taken before I thought up the special offer. So this one is Port Orford, but to whom it's going I'm not at liberty to say.

I am working on the series of guitars of Port Orford, but I'm going to clear the decks of all prior commissions and current repair jobs before I get deeper into it. I want o focus only on those at the same time. I've been going the chiropractor for on a regular basis last three and a half months to heal difficult a very painful upper back spasms due to poor work routines. I'm making good progress with posture and back condition. But several weeks ago this condition slowed me down a lot.

I rebuilt my shop and work bench and got better floor mats to protect my back from the concrete floor and special back support to fit in the seat of my truck. I'm trying to change old work habits and deal with learning how to work with a gradually older body.

More updates as they come. My new website should be up in a few days I hear from my webby man.

Anders Eliasson -> RE: Moving Along (Sep. 21 2011 7:24:39)

I dont think its hot. Real macho bondage is not with flimsy rubber chords but with hardcore nonflexible cotton chords. No posibility of moving at all and blisters in the hand of the person tying it all up.

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