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frhout -> Suggestion for transducer or pickup (Sep. 14 2011 11:45:56)

I've been out of touch with this product for a while. Can anyone suggest a "recent" and decent transducer or pickup to use with a amp which will not damage the guitar.

aloysius -> RE: Suggestion for transducer or pickup (Sep. 15 2011 11:49:12)

Not so sure about damaging the guitar but I'd be more worried about ruining your sound. I've never heard a transducer pickup that hasn't destroyed the sound of of a nylon string guitar, and with miniature mikes like the Bartlett around now that offer high gain before feedback, there's no reason to not go for an actual condenser mike. There are solutions involving a combined mike/pickup setup, I haven't had any experience with those but others here probably have. Just my subjective opinion of course.

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