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musicalgrant -> Question for luthiers (Apr. 22 2005 10:54:22)

Hi All

I was wondering, well i have been thinking about this over the past few years. I have a Classical guitar model Yamaha G-255S, solid cypress top(I think), Rosewood back and sides! and it is Right handed.

I have had the guitar adjusted to left handed by Simon Ambridge, hence sellling it is very difficult. So i have been thinking of making it into a Flamenca Negra.

The internal soundboard strutting is made for a right handed person, i think it is called Transverse strutting. The neck is way too thick, in depth and width. and it has a long scale lenght.

It has a wonderful tone and a very high action.

I was hoping that it would be possible to dismantle it, adjust the strutting, width of the waist neck angle to a flamenco left handed guitar

Is this a silly idea, and too complicated a task? Would i be better off making another from scratch?[8D]

Thanks Grant

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