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aloysius -> Book recommendation (Jun. 27 2011 15:17:19)

I've just arrived in Sevilla last Saturday! Great to be back here and feels so good to escape the winter for a while (coming from the Southern hemisphere).

I'm planning on applying for a scholarship back in Adelaide for a Masters in guitar performance, with the topic being the influence classical and flamenco guitar traditions have had on each other. I was wondering if anyone has any book recommendations that would help - primarily what was happening with guitar around Ramon Montoya's time, but anything to do with that topic would be great. Also any good bookshops for that sort of thing here in Sevilla.

Looking forward to meeting some of you in Sanlucar!

machopicasso -> RE: Book recommendation (Jun. 28 2011 10:18:05)

Unfortunately, I don't know of any books which I would recommend, and I've been disappointed in what I've found in the past, at least in terms of (good) scholarly treatments of flamenco.

I just did a quick glance at the ProQuest database for dissertations and M.A. theses, however, and saw there are a number of titles with 'flamenco' in either the abstract or the citation. So, if you have access to a university library which subscribes to that database, then you might want to look there. (If not, let me know and I'll see what I can do). I might look into it when I'm more sober ;)

aloysius -> RE: Book recommendation (Jun. 29 2011 12:49:55)

Thanks for the advice machopicasso, back home I know people with access to university databases, so I'll check that out when I get back. Will check out some books while I'm here.

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