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Janne H -> Convex top? (Apr. 9 2011 18:53:05)

Hi, a newbie lutherie question.

Does a flamenco/classical guitar need to have a convex top/back?

Any pros or cons?


Janne H -> RE: Convex top? (Apr. 10 2011 8:28:46)

I meant when bracing the top(or back) to use a carved workboard or not.

Jeff Highland -> RE: Convex top? (Apr. 10 2011 21:11:41)

With the back, doming it has a couple of advantages including.
-It offers some protection against cracking in dry weather in that that the dome will reduce first before the wood is stressed.
-A truly flat back looks concave to the eye.
I cannot thing of any disadvantages

-As far as the doming to the top, most makers use a dome, generally a lesser one for Flamencos, but some build flat or just with a drop off towards the tail.
Whatever you do it is important to make the neck angle work with the amount of doming you use.

Janne H -> RE: Convex top? (Apr. 10 2011 21:34:53)

Thanks, interesting.

I was watching the Robert O´brian DVD (building a classical guitar) and he uses some doming on the top and back, but if I remember correctly he didn´t mention anything about compensating the neck angle, just that it should have a 90 degree angle to the sides, straight with the top. I´ll have to recheck.

Anders Eliasson -> RE: Convex top? (Apr. 11 2011 7:18:43)

I dome the back and brace the top flat

Stephen Eden -> RE: Convex top? (Apr. 11 2011 9:53:27)

I dome both back and top. Not the same doming. It is something every builder has there own opinions about. I know some builders who use a greater doming for flamenco guitars than there classical. always something to the contrary.

Anders Eliasson -> RE: Convex top? (Apr. 11 2011 18:04:33)


always something to the contrary.

Thats a thing I really like about building guitars. There doesnt seem to be a fixed logical way. You have to find your own way if you want to build good guitars.

krichards -> RE: Convex top? (Apr. 12 2011 15:34:39)


I dome the back and brace the top flat

Flat top?
Didn't you use a domed solera in the Guittarero DVD?
Have you changed since then?

Can you tell us why?

Anders Eliasson -> RE: Convex top? (Apr. 12 2011 16:43:10)

I have changed since the DVD (its 5 - 6years ago!!!)

I changed because I like it better.[:D]

The end result is a top with 1,5 - 2mm dome.

Armando -> RE: Convex top? (Apr. 12 2011 18:40:46)

I made bad experiences with domed tops, but very good ones with flat tops on flamenco guitars. I think i'll continue to build with slighly domed back and flat top.



El Burdo -> RE: Convex top? (Sep. 15 2018 9:29:33)

Just watched Simon's video (both sections) where Anders makes his guitar.

I don't know if Anders is still on the foro to ask, but can I ask, if you brace the top flat do you get the eventual dome by curving the bridge so the top is under permanent tension? I guess the harmonic bars are also flat? Thanks.

JasonM -> RE: Convex top? (Sep. 15 2018 16:42:51)

Hes mentioned this in a couple of post but I can only remember this one:

Basically he gets a dome by the bridge strap curving and possibly a curved bridge caul. I also remember him saying that he no longer builds quite the same as in the documentary. Probably because it was a fake documentary ;)

El Burdo -> RE: Convex top? (Sep. 15 2018 22:23:03)

Hi Jason - thanks - but 'When bracing flat, this strap raises the soundboard some 2mm on the finished guitar'. That strap has to be under some tension (if it's only a mm think) to deform the top 2mm. Maybe it's the gluing..(under tension)?

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