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Martin -> Maple guitar? (Feb. 15 2005 19:13:48)

I have received some publicity material from a luthier, describing varoius models that he can make. Amongst which is a maple guitar. Just out of curiousity has anyone heard or played a maple guitar?[8|]

Guest -> RE: Maple guitar? (Feb. 16 2005 8:14:22)

I've heard some classical, steelstring and 2 flamenco maple guitars (sides and back)

I played one flamenco maple. Its not my favorite tonewood. I would prefer good cypress for a blanca.

Its a wonderfull tonewood for steelstrings. Beautifull definition and no booming.

I find that its abit noosy on flamenco guitars, but again, I've only tried one and heard 2.


Guest -> RE: Maple guitar? (Feb. 16 2005 13:33:16)

I played 2 in the Ricardo Sanchis taller last week. they were both good, very pretty and not much different from cypress: the tapa is more important to the sound. However the top guitars selected in this test were cypress and I must have tried a dozen.


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