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Argaith -> Paco's concert tonight (Nov. 18 2010 7:46:27)

So, who is coming to Paco's concert tonight?
Fancy meeting up?

Ron.M -> RE: Paco's concert tonight (Nov. 18 2010 8:28:34)

BTW...I checked the Radio 3 schedule, but it's not on. [&:]

Sometimes they record the concert and edit it to be broadcast at a later date.

Paco's concert is after all advertised as one in a series of concerts in association with Radio 3.

What's the point of the BBC paying out licence payer's money to subsidise things that the radio audience will never hear?

Pity, I was hoping they'd do it live.
They did a live radio broadcast of a Merce/Moraito concert before.



lowden -> RE: Paco's concert tonight (Nov. 19 2010 7:33:26)

Shame it wasnt on bbc3 I checked but couldnt find anything to do with it.
Argaith, was it ant good?

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